Pangolin WHO?

It is just a few days away from the 10th World Pangolin Day, but should we be celebrating ?
Pangolins had a lot of bad press last year when it was rumoured that they might be the super-spreaders of Coronapop.

This fake news all started in the wet markets of Wuhan last year to divert attention away from the Chinese laboratories which were researching new viruses.     It was a terrible slur on pangolins from which they may never recover.
The WHO are looking into it, although quite why an ageing pop group should be bothered I am not sure.     I suppose they have taken an interest in health issues as they got older and became even more fearful of dying.    Remember that when they were young they were already singing  “I hope I die before I get old”.
Another lyric said “ I’m not trying to cause a big sensation “.   Well they certainly did that alright.  These Coronapop groups have a lot to answer for.


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4 Responses to Pangolin WHO?

  1. I am not sure WHO, has a birthday among the group of pangolins, may be it is some old fraud or snake skinned beast, as it or he or she crawls around on its broad belly, listening to MO, or the rest of us shouting happy birthday you old bugger?? Get on with it bite into your slice of birthday cake after having blown out the many candles??? Guess the wattage more than 60? A bright light from this humble bulb?
    Happy birthday john please do enjoy, even if i have allmy facts wrong as ever??

  2. Before i leave this irrudite page on pangolins, i note the date 14th February!! Eurekia!!! It is St. VALENTINES Day!!!
    Have you the avid reader sent someone you respect, and love, or have a soft heart for a card of well wishes.
    I should imagine Bodj, rishy dishy, the home sec, and handy cock have lots of best wishes for today? Only you can guess what the sentiments are??? Maybe all said with tongue in cheek from a well wisher??
    May “”lockdown”” come to a satisfying conclusion, and coronapop endup as normal as a flu epidemic? What a forlorn wish? Alas spoken from the heart!!

  3. I see said the blind man, i am jab, jab, jabbering along, the daily rag, the media and the extended family are all gratified and as excited at it as I am? Corvid-19 beware we are on your case, or is that a siutcase before we are set free to roam the world at large, hand -cock and boris must be pleased?, now for that dishy risshy and his budget before april 4th, or is that april 1st, what ever will be dreamt up next to keep us happy bunnies in the dark in our burrows, as freedom may loom, like a special tartan, a weave of mystifying meaning for the clans of Westminster and the isles of silly? Or is that Rhum bum and baccy!! What a web we weave?? In all this corvid-19|||

  4. I must go back a few pages on this blog, or is that days? Lockout Feb 2nd 2021 hours
    I mentioned i was reading a John Grisham’s leagai tale- a time for mercy- i commented upon the first 160 odd pages, and i thought the story involved emotions of ” bame” and “woke” within the USA
    I had read the inside and back cover synopsis’s and believed besides the age of the alleged killer and victim, it involved race?? I have now reached the end page 464! And I as recall my memories of the story as it processed, through the pages, i was thoroughly enthralled, and unprepared for this ending and it was a most enjoyable shaggy dog story, based on this occasion to legal procedures in the USA Southern States. Courts of Law??
    The author John Grisham’s comments in the appendices was riveting, John’s conclusion was that the character’s, the legal advice were based upon earlier writings/ scribblings by John, and the story, while based upon legal etiquette, on this occasion had shades of fiction, all based upon John’s WRITINGS over the past 20+ years.
    JOHN IS MELLOWING and maybe his future novels will offer a calming influence with respect to “”bame and woke???”” Emotions true to colour, but with a touch of compassion, and reality?

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