If The Cap Fits.

The sports pages lately have been full of stories about football players at risk of getting dementia from heading balls.   Almost half of the 1966 World Cup team have suffered from this dreadful disease.
At the same time the rugby community has increasingly been concerned about head injuries.   Rugby quite rightly has gone further than football by introducing protocols on assessments and time-outs.   Nobody in there right mind would wish to reverse this caution, but in future it maybe going too far.

In cricket batsmen have worn helmets for quite a few years now, but they must have been mad in the first place to stand in front of someone throwing a hard ball at you at 90 miles an hour !

Looking back, I think my forgetfulness first started with my school cap.   It was grey with a yellow ring and a peak at the front.   Wearing it backwards was never a possibility!  I hated wearing that cap and as often as I could get away with it, I accidentally left it at home.   That usually ended up with 100 lines ——-  “ I must wear my  cap every day”.       Persistent offences lead to detention and a letter to my parents.
I think that slapping that cap on several times a day, every school day for twelve years could well be the cause of my forgetfulness.   I may have a case against Hereford Road School for cruelty to children.

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5 Responses to If The Cap Fits.

  1. Molly ask. spolitely, where oh where has the Top hat and Tails gone from this village of ours?? Memories!!! Lots of them, all with a smile on our faces!!

  2. If the bra fits one had better wear it??? All these problems on our chests, and in our minds???
    I note you are talking all balls!! A round one, an oval one, a hard headed one, not forgetting the box??, and then as you pussy foot around all these modern fairies what about woke and bame?? What is the basic purpose of an active brain and an active body? Is it just the 3 “s”s in the morning??
    I am personally dissapointed with the take on life and the huge dollops of money that surround the modern day sports of any kind, gone are the days of thoughts of local kids competing against each other in a friendly and challenging manner, as a village, town, club or county and nation, with out the ultimate thoughts of death to the underdogs??
    School is quite a place? One must learn respect, for authority, each other and form opinions as guidance in later life to who are the bullies in this world? And there again ask what is one prepared to do both as an individual in ones society, and as a member of it?? We have all train in life, and put as much in to it as we expect to take from it?? A very deep thought?? Not just pure selfishness,? We all have to pay a price? That dear readers cannot be based on selfishness and self adoration??
    In my younger days as a schoolboy, and cub scout , and brother to 3 sisters, i was encourage to first of all defend the family, then my sisters, then lastly oneself!
    ,During my informative years, i came across another family of 4 boys and a sister and unfortunately was involvled in an exchange of verbal insults: the brothers took umbridge to my response and the brother two years older than i, or the brother of my age who had caused the verbal dialogue, to put up or shut up? I put up and we were involved in a fracas- punch up- i came of the worse but that brother the older one and that family respected me for engaging an advantaged adversity in both age and stature, and school life returned to normal. We after that respected each other from a distance!
    All that determination was learnt from my father, family, schooling and sport at school: learning where are the limits and. Understanding what were to be my principles in life for an honest, truethful and rewarding life in the future??
    As always the simple cause and effect of a bruised brain, damaged body, is not obvious at the time, one must think a little ahead, and pay the dues of ones SOCIETY without selflessness!!!!!
    I politely and now with draw from my soap box!!! Bye bye!!

  3. A Question for all, with sex for all?? Excited now then can you answer me the proverbial questions?
    As on arrives at the wc toilet, with its seat up, Or is it down- Does one question who was the or what was the sex of the last person to use the loo?? Or now then do you have a secret?, When you or one has used the loo? In what position does one leave the loo seat? Up or down!!!
    A question of protocol and etiquette and good manners,??? What does one do? Are you a gentleman or a lady?
    Answers on a posrcard please to the usual address!!!
    Has Corvid-19 stay at home policy encouraged these thoughts? While one contemplates ones navel?!!

  4. davidwfreeman says:

    1945 to 1951

    Just browsing in my minds eye, and scan reading a book entitled Austerity Britain 1945-1951 by David Kynaston 632 pages of information.

    Reading the chapters I find the stories behind the political viewpoints of the time very interesting, and i truly believe relevant to todays events 2021 as corvid-19 events unfold! Apart from the occupation in the British Sector of Germany as a member of the Occupying forces! And the withdrawal from India as a country of the British Empire!

    With todays events in corvid-19 epidemic, one may ask the question What Next?? For us all in the UK.

    Politically- the outcome of Great Britain and Northern Ireland as a United Kingdom?


    1- Woke and bame in 1946-48 the UK nation with the influx of black empire citizens and white european poles, and the Jewish immigrants from war torn Europe?.

    2- Work, how do the population earn a meaningful job of work/ employment?

    3- Housing how do we house all our citizens in times of a housing shortage? To day the problem is not the bombed out displaced families, but those over 75 years of age in appropriate housing and support?

    4- Social services and the national health. We are all dependant upon a monolith, of a central government department, who’s task is to serve, and has been since its inception, in 1948, not one of today where the danger may be to make us the population subservient to political dictum, and any ill conceived ideals that may be evolved to bring about unethical policies?

    5- Where oh where does the monies come from? To keep the UK and NI afloat as a nation today? In 1945 after WWII hostilities as a nation we were indebt to our allies? Today corvid -19 again we are in debt for a vast amount to the worlds commercial markets? Are we now able to dictate the terms after our current ‘ Brexit’ episode, free and independent in the mind, but tied body as soul to Mormon-SATANIC point of view of commerce? Maybe??

    The book as scan read is tome too heavy in political ideologies, all i look for at my gentle age of 78 is security, of my home, family and nation? I feel we or i as a native of the UK and N I are/ is facing with “BRITEX” and Corvid – 19 epidemic, challenged, as to my/ our personal- national security?? Then how do we/ I survive with respect to housing/ trading/ working/physically surviving – body and soul- put simply eating, and earning respect as a caring fellow human being, without being stripped of dignity and compassion?

    We have a lot to learn, and the question[s] for me are is any modern nation correct in both its national and foreign polices, can we ensure as a commonwealth of nations, trade, earn income, such that each nation of the commonwealth , such that there is freedom to trade, travel, and yet benefit each nation encouraging each of the fellow nationals to return to their native soil to enhance the living standards of their nation of birth, or if requested to the nation requesting help, so reducing if possible the need for what in modern parlance is political asylum.

    Can the world become one united nation? Or is this a PIPE DREAM?.


  5. Further comments relating to the above book i mention! In 1948 National Service was introduced for defence reasons, and it also while it fed defence rational took the war time educated children into a life of community service, and to embrace the thinking and consideration for others , following on the service their parents had shown defending freedoms, and ideals, of the nation.
    Maybe as we all struggle with corvid -19 the concept of a national occupational and educational service for the school leavers 16+ all sign up to to be gainfully employed and educated at the same time whilst serving the nation!!! This to fill the gaps in missed education and employement for those leaving school, say for a period of maybe 7 to 10 year,over the extenuating circumstances for as long as corvid-19 appears to cause restrictions in the freedom of choice within the unknown future??

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