Geronimo !

What’s the password ?

That used to be a key question in my childhood days.   It gained you special access to a secret den  or a select group of friends.    Not everyone new the password,  that was the whole idea.    But most people could guess it, because the answer was always “Geronimo !”.    Still, childhood days and innocent ways were great fun.

Now in the grown up world and more thefty days, things have become darker and there are passwords for just about everything.     Neither can you guess “Geronimo” it doesn’t work anymore.

For your bank card you only need to remember four numbers, which doesn’t sound too difficult and now you have contactless cards you don’t even need a number too often.   Therein lies a problem, because, if you don’t use it you lose it.   That’s how passwords are forgotten.    You can have a try at remembering, but three try’s and your money is locked up in a vault that even the great train robbers cannot get into.   Bring back “Geronimo”.

Getting a new password is not quite so easy either.    You have to ring up your bank and answer some security questions to prove that you are you.    The questions you gave them three years ago and have long since forgotten.    They really don’t want to give you your money back in case you are trying to rob yourself.

But passwords don’t stop at bank doors.   We now have passwords for many more things and “Geronimo” doesn’t work for them either.   Log onto a website to buy some plants from a nursery and you have to have a six digit code to register your interest.    “Geroni” should work until they tell you you need to include a number.    “Geron7” ought to do the job.   But it doesn’t because you also have to use a ? or a ! or even an &.     So how about “Ger&r7”.     Nobody is going to guess that!    Nor will you ever remember it.

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3 Responses to Geronimo !

  1. Geronimo? Childhood is here again? What a password 8 letters long, no capital letters, no numbers or symbols, except a question mark, confusing the modern oldie? I am sure the scamming society would be pleased if we all used this ” password” : however the image is missing? Is it john waynes favourite indian with his braves attacking a wild west us cavalry outpost, with his bows and arrows, or s Geronimo in his transitional feathered head dress talking peace and smoking the pipe of peace, while offering inducements of some luscious curvaceous squaw for a roll in the grass, or is it in his teepee? Or ladies and gentlemen, JERONIMO spelt with a J a bald headed, spectacled waring man, with a tanned features and a bulging waistline, no definition between the chest and upper body, and the lower trunk of a body with lithe hips and a movement to make rock and roll have a come back? As for the front pouch and briefs just a sporan, containing the crown jewels, then moccasins to protect the feet. The attitude to life is that of a very lively soul, and to be revered, and well loved by all who may have had the please in shouting Jeronimo?? By the way what is the password a key for? Definitely not riches but dare i say intelligent conversation and chit chat?

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    • Escaping for the day from the restrictions, but with compliance of corvid-19 requirements, i went shopping around the multinational supermarkets. My attention or mind was drawn to the date 2nd of February, and as we had passed January, looking forward to March and the end or coming to an end the winters season, and then spring?? Great the fresh flowers displays were heart lifting, and especially the simple bunches of “golden daffodils” it or should i say they gladdened my soul! All i could shout was “Geroninmo” as we all pass another month, and look forward with pleasure to the year to come??? And lighter nights!!

  2. I do not know about Geronimo and his pass words of wisdom? I am with my thoughts and maybe amnesia still in my school days, in the yard or was it the playground answering to my name freezer sneezer the old gas geezer?, plus other terms of thorough endearment.
    I had in later school life my dreams of that wonder girl? Dream on what was the code of 10 ten, something like 1 look,2 kiss 3 more fun and then the exotic code?? It was all baffling me, even at college during my apprenticeship all a dream too far?? Then away at sea, and the rough education of life on the high seas, and to be aware of all what one may term a romantic interlude male or female? My dreams were of a high pressure boiler, not an old boiler in any port, a humming parsons
    [ heavenly] turbine and the most pleasant of company, and a young lady that i could take home with me to see my sisters and have mummies cross examination,but still come out on top!
    I made it and have enjoyed life with Molly,, for 54 years having been first introduced by an old school friend at the local youth club, and the Old Mill dance hall in Wetherby;: i am still dancing the light fantastic, not so much swinging hips, but in my soul and mind, and like Boris [BODJ ] waving my arms about BUT in time to the music not corvid-19 and the politics of the day,? Come on you LLLP MEMBERS were is your history, i am just a ragamuffin? AND A Paragon of virtue!, i trust not yet a gutter snipe?

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