Last weeks post saw the Last Laugh Looney Party proposing to lock every one in the UK in their houses, to combat the spread of Coronapop.   Now because the R number is not coming down fast enough there is a new change to the rules to stop any more pesky variants of the virus being brought in from abroad.     Which is where it came from in the first place .

The LLLP proposes that from midnight tonight everyone arriving in the UK without a lorry load of vaccine is sent back to where they came from.   They then have to stay away until there is no “R.” in the month, because we have got too much  “R” already.

Celebrities going to their second homes in Monaco or the Caribbean can leave on their private jets whenever they like, but they won’t be allowed back until they have  tested negative ten times; been scrubbed down with disinfectant; been sealed in a anti-virus suit and finally, they will be required to bring back vaccines for 1,000 people and lap top computers for 100 children.     Oh!  And not forgetting PPE for the NHS.    They must then isolate on a remote Scottish island for six months and be lectured to by the always right Ms Sturgen at 9 am each day.

To prevent people from finding their way back illegally in little inflatable boats, the Home Secretary -Pretty Awful – has started to  erect a defensive wall on all the south and east coast beaches which will be patrolled by a  Daily Mail force of Track and Trace volunteers.     She has cunningly code named the wall “Flood defences “ to hide its real purpose of keeping out illegal immigrants.

The Health Secretary – Matt Cockup – has declared the Isle of White as a new  Nightingale Hospital / Detention Camp to be used for anyone who breakers the Covid rules.   Dominic Cummings is appointed as it’s first Chief Executive/ detainee / patient.
The Education Secretary- Gavin-a-bad-day Williamson – will join them on the island to re-educate the in-mates before they become out-mates.

Prime Minister Bodj said the is a ground-breaking, world-beating, moonshot of an idea and he anticipates sending some more of the Cabinet to help soon, no later than the 15th of February, or maybe early Spring, or late Spring, or definitely the Summer probably.

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4 Responses to LOCK OUT !

  1. What a wonderful view of the world???? And that feeling of isolation or should one say protection?? The existing islanders can take refuge in HH Government esablishment PARKHURST, and join the LLLP !
    The feelings of a ferry services between Southampton, Portsmouth, ,Leamington, and that magic Isle of Wight, our. Nations retreat, all we needed was a visionary, or indeed was /is it a missionary
    to broaden our horizons, of our nations borders???

  2. My mind is in a whirl reading todays daily rag, Mail on Sunday, sure some articles are enlightening to read,! However the headlines, and the comments by the political writers of the press. I find a little sensational at at my delicate age of 78, i just wonder? What have we learnt as a nation of the world? For instance do we know or can we predict our enemies of the state? We appear to be lambasting the European Nation for their lack of vision, and insight into developing the new corvid-19 inoculation, and to some effect, smirking that their [EU] joint approach to the solution was lacking in convictions? Maybe this is a true statement: however how do we address the matter in hand? Compassionately and humanely?
    Idelogically as an island can we be smug about our political independence?? What boundries, or frontiers do we defend?
    The sea, can we afford a navy, either in manpower or practically by hardware ships ect, to defend our UK boundries
    How do we deal within the geographical area of Europes land mass,and various nations, for instance do we accept a stable Irish unted nation, or a homongenious Scandanavia, and most of all a united land mass of the geographical Europe?? In all this how do we trade, and feed ourselves, when as an independent nation we have to rely and trust and trade with the world peacefully?
    In this corvid-19 epidemic as a nations economy we have traded in the family silver? Maybe, and have or are upsetting a few nations of the world? Our ties with our empire are now on a friends basis, and while we may trade with these nations is it an economic one, and one of history? Now thinking hard what are relations with the world, who or whom our are friends and allies, for purposes for survival as a nation?
    There is/ are no immediate answers? I just sit up in my chair with my finger up my fundamental orifice?? And must rely on our men and women in politics who have at their finger tips i trust the future of th UK and NI as a nation? With my responsibility to talk to my children and family, disuss the issues at hand, and vote when requested!!!
    I am yesterday, limited monies, too old to fight in the armed forces, depend on the state for my health, nd yet have a mind of questions? i bow to the younger generation! With good grace!!!

  3. I wonder as a cynic what i may believe in in the palace of Westminster? Back to my seadays? Westminster is like a ” falic symbol! All prick’s in the house of commons, peel the foreskin back, all knobs in the hose of lords, and when they join as a daisy chain and ejeculate they have acted in unison passing many a statutory instrument, for us all to bring up and rear as our own??
    Wonderful, for whom do we vote for in this democracy of ours?? For whom do you vote??

  4. Woke, bame, and the southern states in the USA?? I have been enjoying the early chapters of my recently bought john grisham novel “” a time for mercy”.
    As the story unfolds in modern southern states of the usa, i find john’ s rendation as always highlights the american legal system, very emotional, an on this occasion john does raise the strong feelings of the non- white ethnic population, without resorting to the popular image of the clu clux clan, and the brutality of white supremacy!
    I look forward to the remaining chapters to see how john interprets the current social view point of bame and woke, and its interpretation in todays usa, and not the views of the uk in the current awareness of the recent protest movements, as broadcast in the uk media.
    As always an intriguing novel by john gresham!!! Enjoyable read!!

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