Pangolin Tangling

When a Pangolin gets frightened,

he rolls up in a ball.

He’s round and sound

and ever so tightly bound.

That’s all.


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5 Responses to Pangolin Tangling

  1. I trust in this tightly rolled up ball, a pangolin, can not be ‘kicked around’ like a political or in fact a football, for others to take advantage of?

  2. Wrappedball-snug??
    Just reading the above blogs,** in a ball, all soundly wrapped up, free from the outer world???**
    I am in a flurry of mixed up feelings, but totally annoyed, and I have no idea how to advise my children, and the grand and greater grand children, with respect to the ‘WEB’ and all it may involve!
    I have just finished watching my video recordings of Part 2 and Part 3 of the BBC televised Royal Institute-Christmas Lectures-in which I was totally enthralled, and deeply appreciated my judgement of discussing with school children, algorithm-initially and mathematics series, which can be, and in fact are part of the modern ‘WEB’, in which I understood, as possible, however I did and do not appreciate the depth and revealing nature that a modern ‘WEB-Site-Mogul’ that operate social media such as ‘TWITTER’, ‘INSTAGRAM,’ ‘FACEBOOK’ and others maybe ‘WINDOWS’ and ‘ MICROSOFT’, YAHOO, and many more who chose to trace ones finger exercises on the web through the term called ‘COOKIES’!{allegedly based upon algorithm’s???}
    What is private information, what is invasive behavior, and the original concept of the ‘WEB’ that it is free to everyone who may use it! What has changed is that powerful conglomerates/companies/organisations have come and wish to harness all free thoughts, ideas, and possible actions, so that they may benefit commercially, politically, and then by invading our own web space by influencing each and everyone of us, to react in the manner that they may wish, suggesting that the original concept was our own actions in finger playing on the world=wide web! [COOKIES the use of?]
    The lectures suggested such ideas are all possible, it was an informative lecture to our younger children: however no moral concepts were discussed, as to whether the modern WEB is angelic and righteous, and honest, it was just an informative lecture on the power of mathematics/algorithms and what can be achieved in a scientific world with no moral compass??
    All information is POWER- what we as individuals and society have to decide; What do we want out of this POWER???? corruption or an honest equitable world??? WE must not shy away from educating our younger generation, to live in a society with honorable/honest and compassionate actions!!!!
    Going back to being a caveman, do I need or require to meet one personally, look one in the eye, listen to that voice of concern, and then shake you by the hand when we You and I have come to a mutual agreement??? What is the modern world coming too???

  3. Yeah Ha! ”Auntie is watching” through the eyes of MI5 and MI6? Is that in fact true? Or is James Bond a figment of ones imagination.
    Answers on a post Card Please, so we can all read it! and maybe understand it?? OR INDEED AS A ‘COOKIE’ baked in ‘AUNTIES KITCHEN?’

  4. Sense/nonsense What is an algorithm ??? according to ‘Wikipedia’, dictionaries uses of mathematics in the world in which we live, and have existed since man trod this earth, and then the term was ‘ARITHMETIC’.
    As a younger student at school and college, i had to study, learn and appreciate the uses of various mathematical rules, and formulii to understand the laws of gravity, heat, sound and light, force, magnetism and electrics.
    The modern day computer and ‘random-associations’ of information on/in a loose mathematical association is now termed algorithms, reverting to an older term for ‘arithmetic’ which I understood as maths, or mathematics?
    Growing old, one still has to be open to modern terminology? and all the words and meanings it may bring, all though I learnt what I believe in my day were basic theories and theorems

  5. £Trillion Ideas.
    by john graham

    Here’s the first idea for splendour
    John OH! John what is the splendour? Is it BODJ as our august leader of the elected governmental political Party: Ready to rape and pillage our own personal household accounts to enable ”As promised financial benefits” be distributed as BODJ ‘s manifesto declared.
    Are we John back with you reviewing the LLLP comments about the financial future of the UK, together with its trade and defence patterns.
    It is all splendour and £trillion ideas, words not deeds and actions, we require sound and logical based proposals for the future of the UK, not a fairy story and pie in the sky.

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