Pangolin Dangling

When they are not eating ants

And there is not much to do,

Pangolins are just like

me and you.


They have no thumbs

to twiddle.

They can’t  think up

a riddle like “Hey diddle diddle”.


So Pangolins just hang about

and that’s why you often see,

if you look very carefully,

high up in every tree,

Pangolins dangling.

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2 Responses to Pangolin Dangling

  1. Now then dear wikapedia?or reader if one wishes? I in my beliefs understood a Pangolin, or that word was an ‘Americanism for a ground squirrel’? John has you hanging around high up in the trees? I take ‘UMBRIDGE’ at these poor beaties, hanging around in the trees? I believe they are free American spirits, wrangling around on the great American prairies rounding up ideas, cattle, and readers with a restricted vocabulary, who may believe in the thoughts and ideals spread by the ‘Last Laugh Looney Party; inaugurated in these pages of ‘smiles and grumbles’? At present we are at a cross roads while the political mystro’s of the UK decide what to do with the majority they hold in the halls of westminister??
    I am sure BODJ and his cohorts will come to some form of decision to pacify the citezens of the UK, we must all wait and see? Until then it is up to the Pangolins to be cowboys/ and round up are collective ideas! RIDE EM! Cowboy and bring them home safely to the ranch..My brain at this moment in time is engaged in gear! Just enjoying the season of goodwill coming up to new year 2010..

  2. Resolutions
    Dream on it is Boxing Day Evening, and I am reflecting in my thoughts and events as they occurred in the past year.[2019].
    The new year 2020 is dawning and coming upon me, and us all, and may be a decade of new events??? AS New years Eve approaches, and I drift into the euphoria of a new year, and a new decade, I just wish a few minutes to make a wish or New Years Resolution!!!
    My mind has been full of ideas/wishes But like a north sea herring drifter, with its nets out, and down, being expectant to catch a net full of fish [ideas].
    Firstly I am concerned about the political outcome of the elected parliament, and government in the stability and decisions that will follow, by December 2020, for the UK as a nation in the discussions that will take place with the EUROPEAN UNION and the REST OF The Political World, where will lie our commerce, and defence arrangements=for instance are the international [old bodies] of the World under the guise of the United Nations, NATO, and the top world commercial nations [ 7 or 9 nations]: What can I expect as a citizen of the UK?
    Secondly I just wonder with the promise by the government, in the most recent Queens Speech, at the opening of Parliament, and especially the social promises on care and the national health service.
    Thirdly I am worried about the details of the proposed immigration laws and frontier checks? Can we as a nation be just and fair to all concerned, and how do we? Or are we going to be bias as to wealth, nationality, creed, and race??? What is a hard headed, but fair solution may be suggested, but us all as a nation.
    In conclusion, and my personal wishes for the government may consider is help, support for the elderly population of the UK, with respect to alleviating loneliness, housing, and welfare support, so the elderly may feel part of an active community, with care and activities for all. This is my personal New Years Resolution, that I will make as the clock strikes Midnight on December 31st. 2019.

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