Clutter Creative Solutions.

Another rainy day.

A day indoors with nothing to do.

An opportunity for de-cluttering ?

But you have to be in the right frame of mind.


If the rain was torrential and flooded your home,

you would move the valued things upstairs.

The rest left downstairs would instantly

be redefined as clutter.


If a house fire,

was your heart’s desire,

then all your clutter would go up in smoke.

But that’s no joke.


Or if there was a plague of mice.

They would eat you out of house and home.

All your clutter problems solved,

with just one infestation.


Perhaps you could profit from your surplus stuff.

Ebay everything in a one day sale.

Price it at a pound

and wait for the bids to roll in.


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1 Response to Clutter Creative Solutions.

  1. Entertaining, I am sure what is, are ‘clutter bugs’, are they beasts of this world, or are they all in the mind????
    I gather one is looking forward to enjoying this season of ‘Good Will’. and then on January 6th, 2020 wrapped up all the buntings and decorations, consigned bits and pieces to the recycle centre, and then the treasured belongings to the storage spaces available in ones house? That Tidy Corner/ The 12 twelve days of Christmas having been duly served and celebrated.
    And Then the new year, what does one do? Burns Night, Valentines DAY, April FOOLS DAY, not forgetting the ‘IDES OF March’ One has to do a lot of CLEANING for SPRING/ which begins on March 21st.
    All these things to do and declutter the home,the mind, and senses in this forthcoming new year!!
    HAPPY NEW YEAR, and all the est of wishes to you all.

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