Pangolin Premonition

Pangolins popped up

in a TV quiz today

so I know

they haven’t gone away.


“Pangolins live in Asia

and what other continent?”

“Africa ! “. I said,

because it was in my head.

It just goes to show

from nearly a year ago,

with all that walking-head chatter,

Pangolin premonitions matter.


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2 Responses to Pangolin Premonition

  1. You are a sad ”OLD BUFFER”? I was watching that show? I did not agree with the answer? as my web site dictionary definition of the word ”Pangolin” is according to legend a’Ground Squirrel, and it originates from the US of A, so your, or rather the programms question, ”where do Pangolins’ come from?, In my opinion is local to the terminology ‘US OF A, and any other Pangolin is a mere ghost or impostor, Please be more careful how one asks the question!! You old Buffer of afternoon TV Quiz shows. Be alert Boy!!, chew more tobacco and spit out the juicy bits!!!, and do not fall asleep in the chair???

  2. Good afternoon! You Old Fraud!!! I wonder what words of wisdom I have for you now?
    Are you sat comfortably in your chaise lounger, or easy chair? Do you have the radio turned on It is now 14.45 Friday, but what year??? I just wonder.
    I have had my radio switched on for 13.15 and tuned into ”Listen With Mother” and heard another chapter from ‘Winnie the Phoo’, playing ‘Phoo Sticks’ on the river. My sticks never came anywhere, but Phoo’s adventures enchanted me, and full filled my imagination.
    Then It was time for the grown ups, especially MO! and Maybe Molly, it was ‘Womans Hour’, how to do fabric and dress repairs, knitting for England, which was the Book of the week [ I did not listen to this it was a romantic saga -‘She died with her draws off’ in the arms of her loved one? Yuk!!![Barbra cartland Saga}
    Then to my surprise 5 minutes of erudite thinking and the political matters of the day?
    Here I metaphorically turn the sound up on my radio and listened to the Politicians of the Day {Macmillian, Wilson, an Sir Alec Douglas Hume—-??? who got kicked out}, and drifted into dreamland. When my hour was up with womans hour, I turned on the telly to BBC News todays events 18 10 2019[16.00] and became embroiled in hot air debates on the subject of Boris and Brexit??? How refined? rewarding and totally enlightening, My active mind switch back immediately to the political party of my choice the Last Laugh Loonie Party= from Smiles and Grumbles? What a relief I could here ‘ Grimm, and Hans Christain Anderson telling fairy Tales, while we all dance to the tune of the ‘Pied Piper of Hamlin? Great to be alive, back to my radio and searching for programmes like the ‘Organist Entertains and big band show? All though these days one is only left with ‘Tony Blackburn’ and his two programmes of the 60’s Golden Oldies and then on Saturday Hits of the 60’s. So all in all even I am expendable and the radio-wet cell is a thing of the past on medium and long wave.
    Remember the BBC Radio station MW at Rugby???

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