Are we in or are we out ??????        Of Europe that is.

The deal that is being cobbled together by Bodj and his new friends in Europe – Mr Barmy and Mr Tusk seems to be a half-in, half-out hokey-cokey, shake it all about solution.   We seem to be paying a lot of money (£39 billion) for very little change.

So before things are finalised, the Last Laugh Looney Party has two other options to consider :-

The All-Out Option

  • Just say Bye-Bye, Auf Wiedersehen, Adieu, Adios, Ciao and 22 more goodbyes.
  • Buy no more foreign cars from Europe.  We will just have to drive around in Rolls Royce’s or Jaguars.
  • Buy no more French, German, Italian or Spanish wine.   With climate change, we will soon be able to have vineyards all over the UK, except for Scotland, where they can drink Irn Bru instead.
  • Buy no more foreign food.   We survived through the war and were healthier.   We can “Dig for Brexit” and all grow our own veg.   Then have cottage pies, steak and kidney pies, non-chlorinated chicken pies and chips, lots of chips.   Oh and baked beans.    But no sprouts, we will send them all to Brussels.
  • Buy no more continental holidays, especially now we don’t have Thomas Cook anymore.  We can revive Butlins and Pontins holiday camps.   Won’t that be fun😀
  • Bye bye to all the politicians who wanted to stay in Europe, they can go and live on the Costa Del Sol, if the Spanish will have them.  Or maybe they will have to go to a refugee camp in Calais until they can be resettled in Turkey or Rumania, or one of the other 26 states that they like so much.


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2 Responses to LLLP BREXIT ALL-OUT

  1. david freeman says:

    what a strong narrative and opinionated, skewed view of British Politics of today Sunday 20 Oct 2019. What a relief? My mind is in circles looking for the true, and the educated, and logical comments as why we should be ”IN” or ”Out” of Europe.
    It all takes me back to my sea going days, and ”off watch time” in the tropics, and while aboard our 16,000 tdw tanker, staring at the sky one may see dark tropical storm clouds ahead, but dancing invitingly at the ships foremast head was ‘ST Elmore’s Fire’ an complete electrical fire storm in an envevope, and all of us on the ship [A tanker with a cargo of petrol] praying that the world would not END then in that instant}? Metaphorically it is Boris with a fire up his bum and parliament have ‘lit’ the blue touch paper! and tomorrow there my be no Boris or true blue conservative party? I just hope that the LLLP have considered this scenario? and come up with a reasonable proposal or solution to that of ;BREIXT”
    May the good lord persevere us and give us sense.!!!!

  2. my imagination, what would all the Westminster politicians look like, completely naked? Would we all be so rude, do they have ‘bits and pieces” we do not? eh eh!!!
    .What makes a good politician is it one who listens to his voters in their constituency, or one person of independent thinking, who once in Westminster, believes he should vote for what ever he pleases, or there again are they people of integrity who while on the stump! and yet again in Westminster vote for what is right? with humility and integrity and sincerity.
    I just wonder are they elected like a ‘LOTTO’ ticket, they pay the fee nominally either sponsored or backed by a political party, hence monies come into the equation with what the sponsors call Loyalty, or should I say the political parties.
    Foe instance can you and I stand as a parliamentarian, canvass our own opinions as to what is right or wrong, can in this modern day with ‘crowd raising sponsorship, out gun the political ‘giants” of thought and politicking??? I wonder.
    Screaming Lord Such may have been a phenomena, however he is remembered with fondness, may be not for the right reasons, but he ‘kicked the traces of power in his day.
    What is the cost to register as a parliamentarian in any UK Westminster Election, is in fact monies, and or time {lost monies while on the stump}..
    Answers on a post card please??? to the usual address, and a thought or two about ‘web or net-power’ can the ordinary man in the street become a potential member of parliament?.
    Do we listen, do we care and there again is the Last Laugh Loonie Part for fun, or to tell the truth. How would you vote with your conscious heart or head???

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