This post follows on from my last blog and is the second option in the Last Laugh Looney Party once and for all, never to be repeated, Grand Decider European In-Out Referendum.   This is a complete reversal of the last three years of political bickering and envisages Britain fully committed to being in the European Super State.

The All-In Option.

  • For a start we would switch to the Euro, at the exchange rate of ten Euros to the pound.   This is the price Mr Barmy and Mr Tusk are offering to get Britain on board the European gravy train.   This should encourage even the most fervent “ leavers” to vote “ YES”.
  • From January 2020 Bodj will become the new European Super President and henceforth the 1st January will be called “Bodj Day”
  • Next, from 1st January 2222 we will all start driving on the wrong side of the road.   Of course The European Commisars will have to introduce a car scrappage scheme and give every UK car owner a brand new top of the range BMW or Mercedes 🤡
  • With his new super powers, President Bodj will introduce new laws to require all Europeans to speak English at all times.
  • President Bodj will issue European arrest warrants to any football or Rugby teams that beat any British team in future.
  • Sadly Mr Corbit won’t be able to be the UK  Caretaker Prime Minister, but Bodj generously agreed to make him the UK Chief Caretaker with the job of keeping all the public toilets spotlessly clean and the manholes polished, which he is so keen on.


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3 Responses to LLLP BREXIT ALL-IN

  1. I am a mere ‘simpleton’ lost in all this politicking, and jostling for my favours?
    I went to fountain head!! ‘The electoral commission web site, and asked for information, for which I am still waiting off a confirmation?
    My quest on this moral crusade was to ask, how does one become an MP, or least a nominee for a constituency to stand as an MP>
    Firstly one must surrender a fee of £500 { I assume non returnable], and then,
    One must have the backing in signatures of 10[ten] registered voters within that constituency, How ever they that is the electoral commission indicated one had to have a satisfactory record of behaviour- To this end I have had no confirmation, can one be :-
    an accomplished liar,
    A Fraudulent, financial background,
    heritage one , must one have been born within the sound of ‘BIG BEN’ or a registered uk National, for a period of time,
    must one be a bigamist expressing two different ideals at any one time,
    can one be of villainous nature, or
    can one be sweet and innocent, so one can be tempted by any inducements offered.
    It is all to Play for, and as the Last Laugh Loonie Party stand [LLLP} the membership is somewhat web based and non constituency registered, except as the chairman, Dear John. but I cannot support him, other than on the web, unless I become a resident within his constituency in some far off Warwickshire district. I trust they are free of a loony-bin establishment, un like westminister, who collectively through the auspices of the electoral commission welcome people of a like mind and support, both financially and by constituency.
    I must learn not to be so cynical, but hey I remember Billy Smarts and Chipperfields circus in my younger days, and the lighter moments when lions and tigers could eat humans, there were the ‘clowns and monkeys, not yet old enough to be called educated apes_ That’s my impression of Westminster today as I write, and commit my thoughts to paper? as it says on the ‘IZAL’ toilet roll, ‘please wash your hands’.

  2. I have just received my acknowledgement from the ‘Electorial commision’ I must correct some misconceptions, one is required to be 18+ years old and it is not necessary to be a registered UK Voter? So the system is open to interpretation by reading the ‘electorial commission advice on how to become a nominee for a Uk constituency.

  3. Reminisce
    Amongst the tooing and frooing of parliament {and my spellings}, I just wish to reflect generally on my existing life style at 77 years of age in my Extracare Charities Retirement Village since I became a resident in 2007 July.
    Recently I suffered a fall, the result was a hip replacement operation under A&E in the local Hospital [NHS] I am recovering most gracefully.
    Now to the points I wish to make, and reflect upon generally. My recent incapacity of full mobility, make me consider more fully my surrounds, and deeply appreciate the help, assistance, and well wishes that I received both for my self and those shown to my wife {molly}.
    Just by observation the ‘ethos ‘ of this Extracare village, and its ‘Independent living style’ that it promotes, I am overwhelmed by the neighbourliness, camaraderie and general friendliness, but most of all by those Independent souls with mobility concerns and their quiet ‘Grit’ and ‘determination’ to live life to the full, and give the grim reaper a run for his money.
    This brings back to the theme of this John’s Blog the Westminster Parliament, and their playing in legal mumbo jumbo about the future of ‘Brexit’ and the UK, and while they are in Limbo land drawing their parliamentary pay and pensions, can we the voting public not have a bill/petition where we call time, and have a ‘government of choice, with the Balls to call an end to this deadlock, or are we tied to a 5 year parliamentary deal between each elected parliament. May the LOrd Help US??? Please.
    Where is the ‘’True Grit’’ of the British Parliament and where oh where is the next leader and figure of authority
    in UK Politics??? Answers on a post card Please!!!

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