With the help of the LAST  LAUGH LOONEY PARTY and their superior crazy negotiating tactics, Bodj has now got a deal with the European Union.   After only three years of discussion it looks exactly like the old deal, in fact is is the old deal and we are still tied into Europe.

Still all is not lost, Bodj came back to the UK in triumph and after a promised General Election he steamrollered the Brexit party, Ukip, the Green, the Lib Dem remainers, the SNP, the DUP, half of the Conservative party and Uncle Tom Cobbly.   The Labour Party remained in opposition, mainly to each other.   Jeremy Corbit was vanquished to his new role as Public Toilet Caretaker and keeper of manholes.

But that wasn’t the end of this storey, the EU Commissars were so impressed with Bodj’s negotiating skills, that they unanimously selected him as the new Life-time Supremo President of the European Super State.    Bodj modestly accepted this new position and stated that his reign would not be a dictatorship, but because he had all the good ideas, it would be more of a spectatorship.    His people just needed to look and admire.   He would lead like Churchill only better.

President Bodj was so confident of his own ability that he resolved to do away with all the other country presidents in the EU and make them all countryCaretakers just like Mr Corbit.   His first goal is to make sure that the European Super State, hence forth known as “Bodjland”, will have the cleanest toilets in the whole world.

President Bodj has invited his new best friend President Tramp to come on a state visit to Bodjland  and see some of the very clean toilets.   Together they will celebrate tarif-free Freedom of Movement throughout Bodjland.


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  1. what a giggle, I not sure if I am reading the local councils road repairs bill, with all this steam rollering goings on, or I am attending that salubrious palace of the public loos, with all the holes in the wall, between cubical s and the ladies and gents, or the sodum society papers of whos who? within the confines of a public toilet.
    There was no inclination that this behavior was going on at westminster, but their is a ‘pong’ in the air? as to who;s who and who;s one friend. I do wish they would supply that ‘IZAL Toilet Paper’ these days, with the logo on-”please wash your hands?”

  2. I need the sally army, with their logo Blood and God or is it tears is it, and the rattle of tambourines and a round of the hymn ‘Jesus wants for a sunbeam’. BOJD as John describes this mythical body.
    I look up the last UK general election 8 June 2017, so Bodj or Boris as I know him and the westminster circus can stall the next general election until 2022 8 June, the end of the fixed term.
    Jeremy Or Mr Corbin can draw his parliamentary pay with the rest of the westminster cohorts until then tooing and frooing rabitting on about ‘hot air’ and more to the point” Brexit”???
    I ask when will we the british voting public be considered, i suspect not untill all the current attendees [all parties] of westminster run short of cash or need their pension payouts?? It makes ones blood boil and very short tempered with the whole lot in Westminster.
    I propose that they all pay a penalty premium into a fund if they devolve the uk, forming and independent scotland, ireland and wales, and no defence agreement within western europe as agreed by the EU, Nato and the UN and the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, we as a nation are like the emperors new clothes naked, for all to see!! I am annoyed and powerless to strike a blow or utter a word, other than to support the LLLP.

  3. question to the LLLP Chairman, please,=”where does the handle-BODJ- originate from?? is it time for answers on a postcard, or a whisper behind closed doors?
    I am lost, my masinations are BO-boris-D-dick or was it dicky? and J -Johnson. I have checked my qwerty keyboard and it is not a finger tremble, so please what is the thinking OF ‘BODJ’???
    -‘Bloody, old, doddery Johnson???- or are there more noble cases. OR can it be ”BUgger off doing a job??”

  4. Bodj
    Hallelujah, bash those tambourines, clatter those drums and blow those trumpets, I see I hear in my minds eye the gospel speaker on the street corner, or in the market square asking us to come or go to the ‘Citadel’ this Sunday morning and praise the ‘LORD’ not the speaker, who ever he may be? [A captain of industry, political beliefs, or captain of a vast cruise and passenger ship leading us all into Val Halla.]- Is this BODJ or Boris we are supporting talking about? Then follow the crowd and find out.
    Blood and Fire is the motto, My blood is boiling, and I wish to set the westminster on fire with fresh thoughts? Not Brexit? But what is good for the British Nation.
    Enough, enough! That is my week ends rebel rousing done.
    Now to a quieter moment or two, I drift back in time to the late 50’s and the definition of a bodger? According to Collins Dictionary, a woodsman who makes or fashions chairs-Respectable definition, then we have the slang and australian definitions a man of hard work and endevours but is clumsy about the work place and makes a hash of the finished article. I am looking in the Westminster gold fish bowl at all our parliamentarians and find it hard to distinguish to whom I would attach the label of leader too?? BORIS?? Jeremy?? the party leaders of the SNP, Liberal democrat’s, or the Greens??? Hey ho! I am off to the ‘citadel’ this weekend to see what divine inspiration I may learn or receive.
    Also in the late 50’s on BBC TV was a programme called/named ‘What’s My Line?’ With chairman Eamond Andrews, panellists, David Nixon, Gilbert Harding, Isobel Barnet [lady], and Barbara Kelly
    I just wonder if within the 10 questions allowed they may declare BOJD a bodger? Or a leader?
    I am sure David Nixon would conjure up a magic answer, Gilbert Harding maybe scathing/witty and talking the truth, Isobel Barnet may say it is beneath herself to comment, and Barbara Kelly would give ‘BODJ a kiss a wish him well on his way. In his summing up Eamond may quote ‘’ Its all irish to me, it is for the british people to decide’’?
    What a ‘cock up’, a really bodgered lists of comments to digest??

  5. Now then it is fast approaching November the 4th, and on this evening in my childhood, in the leeds area, I knew as mischief night?? WE would ring door beels, then run away, or tie a tin can to the door knob ring the bell or tap on the window run like hell away, leaving the occupant to shout oaths and abuse-in terms of endearment, which I only learnt later as an adult.
    Or we would be organised, and we had two parties- one home based would guard and build our street bonfire, and a ‘scrumping’ party, who would attempt to raid a next street bonfire and its chumps, to bring back to our home bonfire. There was usual rivalry stoked up at school, as to who had the biggest bonfire.
    AS you can read we were all angelic little souls, with good behavior.

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