LLLP People’s Votes

While all our politicians have been away on holiday in sunny Spain, the Last Laugh Looney Party “Daft Ideas” have gone down a storm through October.  You can clearly see the influence of the younger voters, which is magnified by their superior ability to use mobile phones 😀 for voting in referendums.

The free ice cream policy has been a great success and the Happy Hat Days have lifted the country’s mood.   People are smiling at each other again.    The next fun referendum questions are :-

  • Should all Premier League footballers be paid the National Minimum Wage, including Gary Linaker ?
  • Should the school/life balance be more fairer for children, say starting at 10 am and coming home at 2pm with two hours for lunch and one hour for playtime.    And summer holidays should be longer, say starting in April and going through until bonfire night ?    With all of December off for Christmas and a start back in the New Year say on the 31st January.     That would be fairer for children !
  • If adults are paid to play football,  why shouldn’t children be paid to go to school ?
  • And shouldn’t they be paid an extra transfer fee when they move to secondary school ?

Come to that, why shouldn’t parents go to school instead of children, after all , they are the ones who can’t use computers and mobile phones and Facebook and Twitter and instagram and all sorts of gadgets that they keep asking us about?


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2 Responses to LLLP People’s Votes

  1. Its been decided, they are { The Politian’s agreeing to dissolve parliament and have a general election!! Yipeee!! Ridem Cowboy.
    I just wonder when we will all have to contemplate, along with HM The Queen, what Ghouls and Ghosties we have set free amongst our midst on the Night of Hallowen-31 October, and head for a vote on December 9th.
    December the ninth three days after ST NICHOLAS DAY: This may be influential on the British Vote as our brethren in Europe on the 9th encourage their children to put out their ‘clogs’ or and shoes’? and St Nicholas either leaves then a birch of twigs if they have been naughty, or if they have been good a few sweeties!!
    I just wonder what are European Brethren think of us the UK and as a nation within EUROPE, are we worth saving??? answers on a postcard please.

  2. his royalness, mr fararge has now entered this cock up of mixed up electioneering, and all I read and hear are ‘puffs of wind’ and some geezerer, called the ”workington man” a lakeland domiciled man looking at his own reflection in the many lakes that are in the lake district, and maybe his vision of the world his restricted by all those high fells-maybe he should surmount a few and take a more visionary view, or is that what boris, jeremy, the lib democrats, greens and many more to come and now nigel is offering us???
    I would vote at this stage for mary berry, and her treacle tart, I am sure that will be gouee enough to confuse the sane voter.

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