LLLP Brexit D-Day

We are now three days past the day which Bodj said was his “Die in a Ditch “ deadline day.   In fact, it didn’t turn out to be a Deadline Day.  The European Parliament generously decided to grant us yet another extension so that we can enjoy the pleasures of being in the European Union for even longer.

The Europeans evidently have short memories, so perhaps we have to remind them that almost 75 years ago on D-Day we had to begin the liberation of  their sovereign countries from German occupation !   Which is no more than we are trying to do for ourselves with Brexit.  Oh and of course we also had to do the same thing 100 years ago during the First World War !

The hard fact is the the Germans are good at what they do, Dominating people.  This time round, rather than using Tiger tanks and Doodle Bugs, they did it with the Deutsche Mark, which they cunningly renamed “the Euro”.    So their latest attempt to conquer Europe has been more subtle and so far more successful.   At least for the Germans.    The huge number of unemployed people in Spain, Italy and Greece might not agree.

The problem with the Europe they have created, is that it is not a level playing field.    Not everyone is as industrious as the Germans and therefore the wealth is not earned or consequently shared evenly.    Disharmony is built into the system and the Germans have harsh ways of dealing with Disorder.

Britain’s last big exit from Europe was at Dunkirk.   Our latest attempt at leaving seems almost as difficult.  This time the Europeans seem reluctant to let us go.

Rather than going to war again, we now seem to have become a nation of Demonstrators.   There are daily Demonstrations outside Parliament of both leavers and remainers.  Whilst inside Parliament, there are endless Defeats on almost every proposition to leave.

The Last Laugh Looney Party has an alternative idea to solve the problem.   We will send an army of volunteers over to Europe to put towels on all the Deck Chairs everywhere throughout Europe.   This will really show that we mean business and should  make the Germans so fed up with us, that they will eventually let us leave 🙂



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4 Responses to LLLP Brexit D-Day

  1. oh! dear! I must collect my thoughts?

  2. Eulllp
    Here I am going to be ‘Holier than Thou’ and an absolute pom-pass prig?
    John’s blog! above is correct and to me moving, and I am not at all sure if I should mix humour, with true feelings and emotions.
    Correct are the comments on D-DAY, Dunkirk, doodle bugs and tiger tanks, and this triggers the more serious reasons why we decided to go to war against the ‘NAZI regime ‘ in germany in the WWII, after having fought literally for King and Country In WWI. The German political machine showed us all yet while defeated they would not be dominated as a people. This were the emotions running high as in the late 20’s and through the 30’s we witnessed the rise of the Third RIECH and more importantly the domination of Hitler and his views very personal of an ‘Ayrian Race’, and yet the speaking german population, [apart from those of Jewish and then other minority beliefs] did not apparently see the dangers, of the horrors of the holocaust, and failed to check the sins of the ‘Nazi’ Party?
    History has said Germany after WWI was humiliated, and we the western world were/are to blame for the narrow and bigoted views of the German People after WWI and through to WWII.
    It is difficult in this modern world to contemplate the decision that had to be taken during WWII, by the UK and British Empire, who were our allies, and who were our friends. The Russian nation long remains an enigma, and to some extent while its people individually fought in WWII for freedom, their political system, in our western eyes still requires changes of attitude, within its deeds for political and social dominance within the world at large.
    We as a nation have to wary of how we throw stones in this glasshouse world of ours, and going back to John;s Blog the comment ‘’The german’s like to dominate people’’ I wonder when one sees the various films of WWII, and WWI and one is intrigue by a trail of shall we say, follow the money???
    One is left more curiouser and curiouser, who is the, or who are the financiers of the world, are they idealist, thieves and rouges, or just purely greedy for more money and what they believe in ‘That money! Just plain money, can control,’ AND IF ONE HAS A HUNGRY OR POVETY STRUCK POPULATION’ THEN ONE CAN MAKE THEM BEND TO YOUR WILL’’ Is this true???
    That is another story and the legends of all the worlds religions, are to the poor, and destitute again makes one think very carefully, where one stops and thinks and stands up and fight for retribution.
    Germany and her people, and the greater central european speaking German nations, what do they wish in this modern world and especially the European Union of nations, where do they stand? And Brexit no doubt causes instability in European Politics? And what do we wish?? for a coherent united nations of Europe, can we create such a power bloc, or do we need the United States Of America to aid us? One thing is certain the unrest in the middle east is disturbing, and yet again a religious belief taken to its extremes is causing unrest, and uncertainty.
    Where do we go as a UK Nation, we are at present subject to being divided, and our population, comes for many religious beliefs? I ask what do we wish, are we willing to work, are we hungry enough to follow our beliefs or do we believe we are monetary rich and can do as we wish in this world? Who do we owe monies too? Are we hog tied to our beliefs, and whom or who do we honour?
    Answers on a post card please to the usual address.
    WE need a leader in parliament who has vision??, and backed by a party that can deliver a sensible solution to ‘BREXIT’. Economically we may be able to stand alone:However Politically we need, desire and need allies and friends.

  3. Apart from all this soul searching it is sunday 3 Nov 2019, and here in MK we have the local borough tonight, celebrating FIREWORKs and bonfire night {5th Nov}, and I just wonder what BORIS or BODJ are dreaming up for us once the roman candles have fizzled out, and the rockets have blown up with all the issuing stars, and the smoke has died away from the bonfire!!! Then what will all the electioneering offer each one of us, in this next governmental election??? Chaos or a vision of a true Britain in a European Community?????

  4. I am excited Mr Nigel Fararge has stirred the pot? Now he has allegedly backed out the, the forthcoming UK Elections, and just touring and backing his party candidates in every constituency, I just wonder what his vision is for a UK Nation out of EUROPE, if and when we did, or do vote for Brexit???
    It is enough for the Last Laugh LOONIE Party to nominate themselves as the Governmental Party and promote policies of inward thinking, and hope for a saviour, without a resolution to hand to lead the UK

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