Pangolin Angling

Pangolins live on a diet of ants,

which is generally quite boring.

So sometimes they try new things

and fish was recommended.


Down to the river bank,

rod in hand.

The pangolin meandered.

But fish don’t give up easily

and angling can be an effort.

Pangolins don’t like hard work.

So they often end up snoring.

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3 Responses to Pangolin Angling

  1. Angling-pangolin
    I have tuned into todays’ dose of ‘Smiles and Grumbles’, and note we have gone underground to ‘Pangolin’ country, and then to relax to the river bank? It brings me up with a ‘jolt’ to one of my favourite books as a child at school= “Wind in the willows”, and I just wonder where my good friend John has metaphorically gone? Is he Ratty fishing enjoying the riverside? Is he Toad pronouncing and dreaming of a hot summers day in his limousine with the extra accoutrements of fishing gear= hoping to get us all involved in a erudite and deep thinking conversation, of modern day life? Or is John that wise old man of ‘Wind in the Willows’= Badger who dwells in the woods, a deep thinker and a man of few words, but meaning full actions?.
    That is my thoughts for today, so far! Balderdash! Balderdash! I feel in a reflective mood, and a missive is about to hit this Blog?
    The Pangolin reminds me of my school boy friends, especially ‘BAGWASH’ my pal who the family christened with the handle of BagwasH? In my days in the West Riding around Leeds, we Bagwash and I spent many a weekend on our bicycles, going to our favourite fishing grounds that our rod fishing licence gave us access too legitimately. The nearest fishing venue was The Leeds and Liverpool Canal [Apperley Bridge districts]. I t was supposedly reknown for wasting time, and if one caught a tiddler, great time to go home. The River Aire at this point was an industrial sewer from all the woollen traders [combers, dyers, finishers]. To break the monotany of the Aire Valley, we would ride our bikes down to Pool In Wharfedale and fish the Wharfe? No great luck here either, in the total years our fishing, Basgash and I never netted a fish trout or otherwise bigger than a tiddler: however it kept us out of mischief.
    I gently reflect in my arm chair, where Dear John could have gone, or goes now fishing:- Let Me think Bugsby? May be a stream near by or a fishery pond, other wise one has the selection of local canals, with their numerous fishing rights.
    Bagwash and I are now 77 met at school when 7 years old in the local primary, and we followed our own careers, and fate has chosen our places of retirement in adjourning counties, so Francis can take the wee wee out of David, and David can take the Micheal out of Francis-friends since schooldays, great!
    Dear John how are your reflections? Or are they just a play in the mirror? Old Chap!
    Bugsby has a claim to fame, it is near to Rugby, that great LNWR Junction, another story to be told. In my youth at 11-14, I was a train spotter on the LMS Settle Leeds Carlislise Line, all though my favourite steam beasts were the ‘County-Shires’ 440’s or the Mallard Streaks 462 of the LNER.
    So you see John Your Pangolin may live underground, but it stirs my soul with many a happy memory.

  2. no matter how I fish, the response is nil Am I talking rubbish???

  3. Here I must pay respect to the future and the past?
    As youngsters my self and my sisters never had a dedicated birthday party. Mum and Dad until we reached our teens in our primary school, organised the back room carpets to be lifted, the lino floor revealed, and now loads of challenges for my friends, and sisters friends to compete in. We were allowed 4 friends each.
    The apple challenges were- a large tin bath full of water with apples floating in the water- we were challenged with our respective friends to dive, knees on the floor and hands behind ones back and bite into an apple, and retrieve it out of the water. We next had strung out in the corners of the room apples on strings handing from a bamboo cane- again the purpose was to again to stand in front of the apple/hands behind ones back, and take the first bite from an apple.- another test were large bowls full of flour within was hidden an apple- the winner was the first person to take a bite out of the apple, and pull it out of the bowl of flour.
    The irony was one could eat as many apples as possible-However each individual winner was rewarded with a chocolate flake.
    The tea party was sausage rolls, jelly and pop???
    All this on Duck Apple night 31 Oct Halloween.
    Full of memories

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