LLLP Brexit Holiday

Our hard working, dedicated MP’s have got themselves in such a tizzy over leaving the European Union.    The Last Laugh Looney Party have decided they need a break.   They are all obviously all in such a confused mental state that they keep changing political parties, shouting insults at each other, threatening to break the law, whipping each other and even upsetting the wonderful pipsqueek speaker – John Berk Oh.

A parliamentary public holiday through October was booked for the whole lot of them with Thomas Cook.   Off they all went to the Costa Del Sol to join the rest of the criminals.    The very sad thing is that Thomas Cook went bust when they were over there and now they will have to stay there for a while.   Rather ironic, since most of them wanted to stay in Europe anyway 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

In the meantime the LLLP will stand in as a caretaker Government.     Their first new law, which is effective immediately, is to require all entrants to Britain to have an  entry visa, this includes any MP’s who happen to be on holiday.

Since there will be no “negotiation “ with Mr Barmy of the EU Commission, we will just have to automatically “crash out” on October 31st.  That will please Bodj who will no doubt apply for a visa to come back to Britain in triumph.    Sadly that won’t be possible because the second law the LLLP passed, which will be called the “No Surrender Law”, requires all politicians to be repatriated to a detention centre, -sorry Butlins holiday camp, on the Isle of Skye, where they can have an extended holiday until January 2020, or 2021, or even 2222.

Then the “Buckstop Clause” will kick in.


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1 Response to LLLP Brexit Holiday

  1. excellent, mine host! I am taken back by the LLLP to my days at sea, and the wonderful port of Hamburg!
    Here one good meander down the Reperbahn, call in on the Zilatal Bavarian Drinking den, drink a litre or more of germanic beer, sing ens swie soofer and other beery songs, dancing on the table tops and genrerally misbehave, until one fell over. What has to do with Brexit, nothing my lord? but a happy evening of indecision and mindless behavior. At Approximately the time one become pie eyed, and senseless, one would , may find them selves in Herbert Strasser [Winkle Strasser], Here one could enjoy the sights of ladies of the night in the windows-behind the curtains, and enticing one into a relationship of sorts, just like the modern day BORIS and his westminster cohorts of all the political parties, wishing you all a good time, and yet giving you possibly a social disease of disgrace, and embarrassment.
    The next thing was to sober up and catch the night ferry, back to ones ships berth, and then the following morning not a revisit to the Reperbahn, but a sober tour of Hamburgh City, first stopping at the ferry landing stage, and positively looking for the ‘Flying Angel’ {seaman mission for british sailors], talking in dulcet tones to the ‘Pardre’ and have tea with his young lady guests, who would talk and dance, but under the eagle eye of the ‘Pardre’ not engage in Hankie pankie’??
    Where has all the respect gone from modern politics?, they are all alleged sodomites, whores, and transvestites out just to win a vote on Brexit, gone is the sincerity and trust, and honesty.
    Hamburgh is a wonderful city, and for a younger person an experience to behold, so long as one has the strength to be true to ones self.
    As an older voter I shudder at the voting logic and common sense ideals coming out of the Westminster Parliament, while I have my reservations and I for one just wonder what my children, and their children are having to contemplate, as the future not only England, but the UK and Ni within a European theatre of political beliefs .
    It is a little more than Bill and Ben the flower pot men with ‘weed’ as their conscious.
    As for the LLLP I say vote for them, book a ticket to travel with the rising star ‘HAYS’ and as the saying goes travel expands the mind, and gives one new experiences!!! Goody.

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