LLLP Buckstop

This is a continuation of the LLLP solution to the current Brexit stalemate.

The stumbling block in the Brexit negotiations seems to have been the “ backstop”, or perhaps it was a bust-up, or more likely a  buckstop.    The Last Laugh Looney Party answer is not to bother with an agreement at all, then we don’t need a backstop.   SIMPLE 😀

Having banished all the politicians to foreign parts they can huff and puff all they like, but it won’t change anything.    The LLLP Caretaker Government will not rush into anything for a while, they will wait and see how Europe responds to Britain closing the channel tunnel.    This will provide a cooling off period, which should help with global warming.

The next step will be a series of LLLP Weekly Referendums, open to all UK citizens over the age of ten, except for politicians stranded abroad and criminals living in Spain.    Here are some of the first questions :-

  • Should politicians living abroad still be paid a salary?
  • Should the sun shine every day ?
  • Should we all have a lot more money ?
  • Should we all have free ice cream every day to combat global warming ?
  • Should we all wear funny hats on a Friday to celebrate our independence ?
  • Should traffic lights be switched to red on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays to save the planet from pollution ?

Our politicians are never going to be able to answer these key questions so the LLLP will ask the people to vote by phone each week, (just like Strictly ) and the results will be announced on TV on Sunday night and be implemented on the following Monday.



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1 Response to LLLP Buckstop

  1. Well done some more clear headed thinking from the LLLP.
    my first impression is the play on words ‘back stop’ and buck stop? I am all in favour of a buck stops here, and not to blame the LLLP for the malaise the UK has sunk en into politically, and all the indecision. I just think of the connitations of the words beginning with ;Buck’?, and my first is a visit to the house of the Lord! not the House of Lords, but that place of reference, were we need to go when we close Europe Off’ by shutting Eurotunnel? Here I am thinking of Buck fast Abbey, and all those angelic voices praising the Lord, and maybe the ‘Speaker’ the abbot addresses sing the nation with some sombre words of the truth? That’s for every sunday!
    Or maybe we have a revolt and offer shot guns and ‘buckshot’ to the masses and instead of chasing the fox in our scalet livery we pursue our politicans not in the colours of alleigence that the hold dear, but with our red and ruddy complexions of total anger, and annoyance, at the childish behaviour of our elected politicians.
    I like and enjoy the suggestion of the LLLP weekly referendums, especially the one concerning traffic lights, Just a question why the red light?? This is the signal for a house of ”illrepute, and sexually desires” I do not wish to be raped and pillaged by by local, or indeed any of the Westminster politicans??
    I would have erred on the side of caution and said any blue light, and a candy yellow and green van or car, as the men in white coats carry me off the that Butlins you so propose in the ;SKYE’

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