“Am I going nuts”?

It only seems five minutes ago since I discovered the virtues of eating almonds.   In fact  was in September, just at the very time that the squirrels are stocking up on food for the winter.  (see “Wonder Nut” by clicking on EMFV in the TAG CLOUD).

Now it appears I am not being NUTTY enough.   Research by Hua Zhong University in China and the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston suggests that eating more cashews, peanuts and Brazil nuts can reduce your risk of heart disease by nearly a third. Strange they didn’t mention almonds, but perhaps they don’t grow almonds in China or America.   Mind you, eating all those nuts might have you jumping around in trees and burying food in the garden.


Still Christmas is just around the corner and that is when we all start to stock up on nuts.  So we should all be a lot healthier  soon.    I wonder what the researchers have to say about mince pies and Christmas pudding ?

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2 Responses to “Am I going nuts”?

  1. Now you NUT, and the season of Christmas and Hogmany, It is a great time to be thinking of almond, brazil, hazel, walnut, cashew, peanut, pecan, cob, chestnuts, and any other nut that is high in (What Ever your Uni of the world states), I am looking forward to your January sale offers, and that gym membership, when you will no doubt quote all your sages (And Onions and other stuffing ingredients), for us to be pond concious and penny wise? and to loose those ponds, which we have gained over the festive period, and there again how to budget: Having spent the few bob one has on gifts of the eseason.
    Never Mind, be a NUT ROAST and join the veggie groups and pass all the wind you may wish, and as a bonus, a nice but deadly one that sends all your readers to sleep???

  2. thenoveilst says:

    Peanuts are known to be enzyme blockers, so not too many 🙂

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