“A Convenient Generational Truth”

The Gerontologist is a journal that you would pretty much only read if you are old and then only if you have nothing better to do and you can find a copy lying around in the doctor’s surgery.  Unless of course, you are a young researcher interested in studying older people.

They recently published a research study from the Universities of Pen State, Texas and Michigan.  The study found that parents aged over 60 who are giving help to their children suffered from less depression.  Interestingly, low levels of help like giving advice or talking over problems added to the older people’s depression.  But, more substantial support in the form of money or repairs around the house were found to lower older people’s levels of stress.

No doubt the young students are so proud of their research they will be sending copies to their parents.

Next year the American Association of Retired Persons, with tongue in cheek, is launching a follow up piece of research to see if young people who help their parents by visiting them regularly or taking them on a surprise holiday feel happier.

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1 Response to “A Convenient Generational Truth”

  1. I just wonder and ponder a little, is this what we would call ‘Happy Familes’ or is it a game of ‘OLD MAID’???

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