“Too good to be true”

When I was a child, pomegranates were an annual special treat in a Christmas stocking.  Ice cream was a more frequent reward, but only if you were good and only in the summer when the Mr Softee van came around, announcing its arrival to the tune of Greensleeves.

In my older age, relentless pursuits of healthy living are aided by my inability to run after the ice cream van; now ice cream is a rarer indulgence.  Furthermore, pomegranates ceased being a highlight of Christmas afternoon, when Santa Claus stopped coming to call.

The good news is that researchers at Erciyes University in Turkey found that pomegranate peel and seed oil added to ice cream can improve the body’s response to insulin.  They are also rich in antioxidants and linked to fat burning.  Best of all they have anti-cancer properties.

So, now with pomegranates and fifty different varieties of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream available in all supermarkets, all my Christmases can come at once!

There again I suspect Erciyes is the pomegranate growing capital of the world, so perhaps you need to take this advice with a pinch of salt.

P.s. maybe you should leave out the salt!

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1 Response to “Too good to be true”

  1. a sixpence, orange and an apple and all contained in a sock, were my fondest memories of christmas morning, and the various presents that would fit into that sock. My sisters and I with mum and dad, have some happy memories. Later on in life it was my turn to repay the debt with my children, and being a seaman, I gave my children each a fisherman sock to lay out on their beds, but I never forgot that bright silver coin and the orange and an apple. Simple pleasures and that smile and look of glee on my chilrens faces. Christmas eve is my only time at church in my old age, when I go for my enjoyment, just to watch the pagent and general hub hub of familes gathered together to enjoy ‘Christingle carol service’. Age still has its pleasures, and life still has many suprises, of which I enjoy the unbound love and smile given by a younger child, no matter to whom they belong.

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