“Fruit Juice Hopes Squashed”

Just when I thought I had found the secret to eternal life, my hopes have been shattered.

My earlier posts on “Fruitful Research” (9, 23, 30 January; 15 May; 26 June 2011) seemed to suggest that a glass or two (or six) of fruit juice a day could cure everything from berry-berry to housemaid’s knee.

Scary headlines on the front page of the Daily Express recently (10 June 2011) pointed out the “hidden dangers in fruit juice”.  It must be serious because the announcement was heralded as if it was a new outbreak of small pox.  Just think of all those poor readers of the Daily Express reading this over breakfast.  They may well have had a heart attack there and then, or at least rushed off to the A & E to have their stomachs pumped.

Strange then that this dramatic health warning didn’t end up in any other newspapers, nor was it on “News at Ten”.  I suppose earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and even Wayne Rooney’s new hair-line are rather more important.

Evidently, new research at Bangor University has discovered that regular consumption of sweet drinks can dull your sensitivity to them.  This can lead to an even greater craving for sugary drinks, then you’re on the slippery slope to Type 2 Diabetes.

Not surprisingly, a spokesman for the British Soft Drinks Association, disagreed.

Fancy there being an Association I might even join.  I wonder if they have a magazine?  Maybe they organise trips around the world exploring for rare and exotic fruit?

I have only just managed to find a supply of cowberries and I am still searching for chokeberries.


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1 Response to “Fruit Juice Hopes Squashed”

  1. Does my glass of beer have sugar in? If it has it has the right quantity for me – Another pint please!!!

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