“Fruitful Research” 7

In my never-ending search for a ladder to a healthy lifestyle, I am on a constant lookout for miracle cures.

The New Year brings new hope from researchers at Cambridge University.    It looks like copious quantities of tomatoes must be added to my already extensive list of berries.     (See earlier posts on this subject by clicking on “FRUITFUL RESEARCH” in the TAG CLOUD).

The scientists have developed a pill based on lycopene, which is found in tomato skins.    It appears to have properties which boost blood flow and improves the lining of blood vessels.    This could reduce heart disease which causes 160,000 deaths each year and help cut strokes,which cause another 49,000 deaths.

fruitful research 2013 (2)

It is just a pity that this had to result in another pill.    Anyone who has been reading this blog for a while, will know I have an aversion to too many pills.   (click on “PILLY GALORE” in the TAG CLOUD).

There again, one pill is equivalent to 6 pounds of tomatoes and that might be a bit of a challenge each day.               So now, until the next miracle cure is discovered, my daily intake needs to include :-

carrots,   cowberries,   acerola,  chokeberries,  apples,  grapes,  blueberries,   strawberries,  beetroot,  oranges,  aubergines,  red cabbage  and tomato pills.

ManSmilew-BIGboard Cropped 120

What ever happened to 5 – a- day ?    I might as well move in to Sainsburys or even Kew Gardens.    I will be a research study all on my own soon !

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1 Response to “Fruitful Research” 7

  1. Tomato skins, banana skins, and packaging, take me back to your earlier blogs on many subjects, and how one can trip up by curing one ill, ailment or complaint,only to be facing a completely new adventure in life. At 70+ one is still on a learning curve, the only thing is that a lfe span is now measured in a few years, not an adventure of many and varied years. However I do like to be reminded of my youth, and life’s young dreams, they are but a butterfly! Only here for a season, and passing fantasies. Dream on Mc Duff you are doing stirling work.

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