“Age Friendly Gadgets”

Technology is intended to make our lives easier and over the last couple of centuries it has undoubtedly done so.    All of us take electricity forgranted, although very few of us could explain how it works.    The good news is you just press a switch and there it is !

elderly gadgetsV2[1]

Early TVs were the same.    You had two channels – BBC and ITV.   No need for a remote controls nor too many buttons on the tele.    Cookers had on/off switches and not much more.    Fridges had one temperature.    Washing machines had one spin cycle.  Tumble dryers were separate items of equipment.    Kettles whistled when the water was boiling.    Telephones just rang –brrring —brrring — no fancy ring tones.   They all made life easier and  they were not difficult to operate.

Then they became GADGETS!!

They added more functions, could do many more things but needed more controls to work them —- and therein lies the problem.

That’s when I started getting left behind.    Only slowly at first but now to a point of :-


  • TVs got more and more channels   — then came the ultimate gadget and promoter of family fights – the remote control.    Videos came next and about as soon as I had mastered them, they became obsolete and were replaced by DVDs.    With luck in these times of austerity, we will end up with BBC1 and ITV1 and just two buttons on the tele.
  • Fridges fortunately have not advanced as fast as television.   Although the addition of a light inside was a good idea, even if leaving it on all the time is a bit wasteful.
  • Washing machines are now on a whole different level.   Fully combined with the tumble dryer they can rinse, boil wash, cool wash, white wash, coloured wash, spin dry and blow dry.    What’s more they can do it for hours and make endless noise, especially if you leave coins in your trouser pocket.   Once started there is no stopping them.    The programme is in charge and there is no changing your mind.    Bring back the washboard and the socks in the sink, I say.

  We need Age Friendly gadgets !

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3 Responses to “Age Friendly Gadgets”

  1. My oh My! methusala! you have seen your backside today? What was it like? Flabby:Trim: Muscular: or just functional? I am sure the femail species would castigate you for the return of the copper, washboard, the stream at the bottom of the garden with the appropriate stones, and the old mangle. You had better watch your ‘Bits,’ they may get caught up in the wringer, then where will you be, singing once again as a boy choiristor.
    Never mind I appreciate the sentiments, things have moved on a pace, without thought to the gentler, slower pace of life, and how one now a days in ones latter days appriciates a few words under the banyan tree, at the village cross roads discussing affairs of state as we knew them in the olden days.
    Keep scribing, and then you should start a club called the ‘OLD FARTS’ Association, just so we can shoot the breeze and chew the fat, and pass wind as if it were a natural thing to do? and then in our dotage (spouses past gone to their maker!), go into the kitchen, light a fire and get the copper, the mangle, hot tub, and dolly stool out and commence washing our own smalls as our woman folk used to do?
    By the way how are your teeth? are you biting the back of the chairs yet with your gums or deluxe fitted dentures? You certainly have stirred me up into chewing the fat with you to day.
    May the breeze and the fresh air blow in your hair, and not stain your underwear!! Bye You old grump pot!!!

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