” Dementia Avalanche “

In researching for the GrumbleSmiles blog I follow a number of issues using a Google reader file that tracks news around the world.  The subject that attracts most publicity by a very long way is “dementia”.  Just in February and March of 2013, I was presented with 250 different articles covering —-  research, activity programme, support services, possible causes, possible cures, new housing, fitness regimes, diets, abuse and missing residents.

Here are some headlines on :-


  • ” New drug Cerebroylsin shows promise “                —–      Sichuan, China
  • “Could hearing loss and Dementia be connected” —–     New York Times, U.S.A.
  • ” Can aspirin fight Dementia ”                                        —–     Texsas, U.S.A.
  • “TSG might be novel treatment for Dementia”       —–     Beijing, China
  • ” HRT could delay early onset Dementia”                 —–     D.Telegraph, U.K.
  • “Can coffee prevent Dementia”                                       —–    ABC News, U.S.A.
  • “Biomarkers point to Dementia progression”         —–    Brescia, Italy.
  • “Novel protein may help detect Dementia”               —–    Mayo Clinic, U.S.A.
  • ” Midlife fitness may lower Dementia risk”               —–   Fox news . U.S.A.
  • “Chinese scientist find smoking-dementia link”     —–   Anhui, China

Here’s the rising scale of the problem :-

  • ” Rise in Dementia diagnosis”                                          —–  Somerset Mercury, U.K.
  • “Rising rates of Dementia exposes need for better seniors care” —– Canada.
  • “23,000 more Dementia sufferers”                         —– New South Wales, Australia
  • “Dementia cases could rise by 75%”                         —-  Huddersfield, U.K.
  • “Campaign to raise awareness about Dementia”      —– New Zealand

Here’s some support programme ideas :-

  • “Seeking volunteers to make a Dementia friendly community”  —– Kinsale, Ireland
  • “Music activity for people with Dementia”                 —–    California, U.S.A.
  • “Poetry project targets Dementia patients”               —–     Wisconsin,U.S.A.
  • “Support for caregivers  for those with Alzheimer’s”  —– Athens, Greece
  • ” Educational programs offered on Dementia”        —–    Indiana, U.S.A.
  • “Montessori programme helps Dementia”                 —–    Michigan, U.S.A.

Here are some stories about vulnerable adults :-

  • ” Police need help to find elderly woman with Dementia”  —– Louisville, U.S.A. (similar headlines in New Jersey/Philadelphia/Illinois/Colorado/Delaware
  • ” Disgraced clergyman stole £61,000 from Dementia man”   —– D.Mirror, U.K.
  • ” Midwife dragged Dementia patient by collar”        —– D. Telegraph, U.K.
  • “Health Care worker admits stealing from Dementia patient”   —– Orlando, U.S.A.
  • “Dementia patient called an animal”                                     —-  Stafford, U.K.
  • “Dementia patient on ventilator moved home”                —– Delhi, India

These are just a sample of articles from all around the world and reflect similar issues that societies are facing with the rising numbers of older people and the increasing incidents of Dementia.  The stories vary in tone from wishful thinking miracle cures to positive strategies for supporting Dementia sufferers.  Sadly many of them end with numerous stories of missing residents and abuse.

For now we are left with many more questions than answers !

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1 Response to ” Dementia Avalanche “

  1. Apart from hard facts, the list above gave me a fright, and dementia, again and alzhmeirs, what is the definition. Is it the medical condition of plain old fashioned old age, with the onset of ones’ loss of marbles’ Faculties. I rather prefer from the list the article from Ireland ‘Seeking volunteers to make a Dementia friendly community” —– Kinsale, Ireland’. Are we all not volunteers? do we not all have feelings for our fellow human beings, and age can be graceful and fun if one has faculties! However if one has the defined dementia, Is one observered to be beyond normal society and in need of special care. No pills or potions will help (maybe not Yet?).
    I do not know the answer, I do and am observing the effects, mild and chronic of loss of faculties! With help a smile, and time, and a helping hand one can give and take pleasure from the effects of old age in life. One of the basic feelings to both the suffer and those who are helpers and neighbours is security of tenure in ones surrounds knowning that when ones turn comes, one may be repaid in kindness, dignity, and with warm th of feelings, such as a friendly smile? I may not know you, but I trust you,and the signature is that of a friend, not something or someone to fear.

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