“Elderly Bouncers”

Slow stream rehabilitation is a thing of the past.    Now they rush elderly people out of hospital faster than they rush them in.    Unblocking beds is almost as vital as unblocking drains.    Hot bedding does not include hot water bottles.    Just like hot desking, it  is becoming the new “just in time” technique in the NHS.    Nobody should be in hospital one minute more than it takes to fill in all the paperwork.

The problem is that older people don’t heal as quickly as the young and often don’t have anyone to look after them when they return home.    So surprise, surprise they frequently come bouncing back to the NHS not long after they have been discharged as “cured”.

16% of all over 75’s needed emergency re-admission within 28 days of being discharged.  In 2010/11 that amounted to 210,000 re-bound admissions.    That compares to 103,000 re-admissions in 2001/2.    In the meantime rehabilitation and convalescence are wards and words that have disappeared from the NHS dictionary of helpful hints and tips.

If you were a manufacturer or a retailer and 16% of your product was returned as defective, you would soon go out of business.      In the topsy turvey business world of  the NHS, each discharge of an elderly person is counted as a “successful clinical episode”.


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2 Responses to “Elderly Bouncers”

  1. This reminds me of my youth in the West Riding, where cricket was a form of religion. In the ‘workshop leagues’ I knew as a boy those avid bowlers and those staunch batsmen, (Only with a single Pad) would defy all sense and senibilities. To stay in the crease was a test of man against man, wit against wit, and if the bowler became fed up? Then the body liner would come done the pitch, or a full toss or bouncer, to intimidate the batsman. Go for the man?? he is in the way!!!
    Is this now as you may say the philosophy of our NHS? Go for the man and frighten him/them (Man or woman) into mild concusion or submission.
    We must not be gentlemen and appeal to the umpire HOwsZ That!!! and appeal to the rules and a judgement, but kick the screaming beast up its arse, and make our views and actions known, we are a sleeping tiger, not merely 70+ year olds waiting for GOdO.
    Vote and vote well, maybe the initial protest we have, and then to continually be critical but accurate in our compaints to the media! Not a bitch or a moan here and there!

  2. john graham says:

    I like it. The NHS needs a few more full toss’s thrown at them, to make them play up and play the game with older people.
    70+ and not out is always a good score in my book.

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