“Where to begin with Stafford NHS?”

  • 1,200 excess deaths of older people

How much more attention would this have attracted if it had been a plane crash with a 1,200 people dead.

Or another Twin Towers disaster.

Do we need to go to war on the NHS?

  • Just in one hospital in Stafford

If there are 100 hospitals like this and there will be.  That’s 120,000 “excess” deaths. 

  • Five more are now being investigated

It’s a matter of time before more deaths are discovered.

  • Did they not notice?

Or was it easier to turn a blind eye on elderly people.

  • 290 Recommendations

So where do you start?

  • “No individual is at fault, it’s the system”.

So who designed the system?

  • Look for the Head of the Head of the NHS, he was there at the time.

Francis says this is not the right answer but it might be the right place to start.

  • Relatives knew what was going on but nobody was listening to them.

Complaints fell on deaf ears.

  • This is probably the most important report on the NHS since it was formed.

A stocktake of how well we are doing.

  • Meanwhile, we carry on pouring money into the NHS.

What else can we do?  More and more elderly people keep turning up on the doorstep.

  • The press, as usual, talked about it for a day.

A battlefield of elderly deaths couldn’t hold their attention beyond a Royal birth or a celebrity scandal.

  • The problem is too big.

You can’t eat this elephant in the room.

  • But it won’t go away.

The frail and demented older elderly population is going to double in the next 20 or so years.

  • The “system” was not designed or resourced financially to cope with this scale of elderly epidemic.

So we need to change the system


Slow down the ambulances, shut down A&E    …. and ….

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1 Response to “Where to begin with Stafford NHS?”

  1. It is difficult to be objective about this scenario: However the person in charge, and the board at the time should be held to apublic enquirey, and the now head of NHS, should answer the questions of the patients relatives, and put this episode to bed. The money wasted on non questions to answer prevarication and enqiries should be spent on patient care not lawyers and legal eagles.

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