“A Stroke of Bad Luck” – a health ladder

I have written a lot since starting this blog about research into the right foods for maintaining a healthy diet in later life.   I have a strong self-interest in it, even though I am certainly not a health food fanatic, nor someone who can stick to a diet for long.   Gradually as the years have advanced, so have the pounds.   Advice about keeping fit and exercise also largely falls on deaf ears.

So today I found a new piece of research from Leeds University, that is particularly unwelcome —– eat a bowl of bran a day to avoid a stroke.   I am sure it is good advice that I should be reminded of every time I wake up, but have the researchers eaten bran themselves ?    I guess not, otherwise they would know why people don’t eat it !    It is like eating cardboard, which must be why so few people keep it up for long.  Little children stop eating it after about 6 months or certainly as soon as they can get down from the table by themselves.

The important message behind this research is that 150,000 people in the UK suffer a stroke each year.   Most of these are over 65 and although only one in five people die from strokes, many others are left with disabilities.

The key issue is to have a regular intake of fibre.   My Dad worked at ICI Fibres but I think they were plastic 🙂

It is not so much “All Bran” as no bran for me.   Fruit is a good alternative.  (Click on “FRUITFUL RESEARCH” in the TAG CLOUD).

The other option mentioned by the researchers is half a can of baked beans a day.   Trouble for me is that I usually accompany that with sausage, bacon, egg and fried bread, which I guess defeats the object !

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2 Responses to “A Stroke of Bad Luck” – a health ladder

  1. ICI Fibres, Leeds UNI and of course WIRA (Wool Industry Research Association), are deep into the research of fibres of all sorts to help one Knit, sew or make into cloth for garments. Bran, never heard of it? But if you visit ESHOLT a suberb of Bradford on the River Aire ( At one time location for ‘EMERDALE’), there is a PHOO factory, where waste is steam pressed to extract all the lanoline from the woolcombers operations. The smell is divine, sweet and rich as a nut! Beautiful, nostalgic, and just like bran my memories are regular and on time? so Bran is good for ones habits and motions!
    Your description of your figure disturbs me, I still have this lithe like figure, bulging biceps, and yellow swimwear with a ginger rug perched on ones crown, as the fate accomplee. You are my image. Your mind wanders and I am worried of MK, what research will you come up with next? As you say, and state I should go back and read your blogs on fruitful research and others, like the ladder of life? So far I am climbing the ladder up the wall? no brains no sense, and I only offer nonsense!
    Your Blogs was constuctive about heart attacks, I must admit I heed your warnings eat a varied diet, little and maybe often, rather than a gorging feast three times a day? Let the body enjoy the intake of food, and the wide variety of food on offer inthis modern day from ones local supermarket. And then listening to Pilly Galour and ones quack, take a regular potion of statins! You never know I may be in bonus with the god lord, and reach 3 score years and 10, plus a little more. I do not think just yet nature, research or ones god has invented or designed an everlasting body, so I must be content with my memories, lifestyle, and be thankful for my family and the many friends I have meet throughout my life.
    Life is a ramble just like this blog of mine, It is good to clear the mind, and I just heard the bran calling, if I can make the essential piece of equipment without a heart attack, you may hear from me later??? Bye Bye.

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