“Don’t Fall Asleep”

My friend Pilly Galore would be delighted to read that GPs are continuing to prescribe lots of sleeping pills to elderly people.  (See my earlier blogs by clicking in the TAG CLOUD on PILLS).

Around 10 million sleeping pill prescriptions are issued every year.   I think it is the “go away” pill for GPs who don’t take the time to find out why people are not sleeping.   The problem is that these pills don’t just make you sleep, they can also lead to increased falls and fractures.   They are intended as a short-term intervention but up to 30% of patients remain on them for the long-term.

Two thirds of insomnia sufferers have never had their drugs reviewed, nor have they been offered alternative treatments such as relaxation techniques, sleep education or psychological therapy.

dont fall asleep copy (2)

80% of insomnia patients, half of whom were over 65, rated their quality of sleep while taking sleeping pills was bad or very bad and half reported suffering from tiredness during the day.

The NHS spends £50 million every year on sleeping pills !

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2 Responses to “Don’t Fall Asleep”

  1. to be alive is too be aware, think and talk, it just takes time!!! you good neighbour or and friend of mine

  2. by the way, at my age, I had a bike ride for fun, came off on a shingle track and broke my elbow. I am being put together by our wonderful NHS and the peoples associated with it. That is not my purpose in writing! I have had to reflect with the slight restriction in mobility, what am I? Who am I and what I am I doing at 73 on a fun run for bicycles-being an old fool came to mind!
    However I was browsing the web and came across my old scouting Group in the Leeds area, and my mind was alight with yesteryear, and that Scouting group, camps and campfire evenings while at camp, wide games/tracking, and ‘bob a job week’, and my many scouting friends and aquaintances, as many as I could remember. It was like counting sheep? no need for sleeping pills.
    I t is great to talk as BT busby would squawk on that TV advert when the government of the day where flogging off BT to the nation.

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