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“Fruitful Research” 4

Baylor in Texas must be the carrot growing capital of America.  So here’s a message for my gun-toteing, cattle ranching, oil-prospecting cowboy friend John T. in Pampa, Texas.  When the oil runs out you can always turn to carrot farming, … Continue reading

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Fruitful Research “3”

Whilst you’re drinking down your five glasses of beetroot/apple/grape juice a day to ward off dementia (see Fruitful Research “2” dated 23 January 2011) it might be an idea to add just 2 more glasses of orange juice!! Research at … Continue reading

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Fruitful Research “2”

Dementia is increasingly talked about as the disease of the 21st Century, particularly in the ageing nations of Europe, America and Japan.  It is a subject which is attracting more and more research, both medical – searching for a cure … Continue reading

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“Fruitful Research”

At last some welcome research from America which is very easy to agree with.  Scientists at the Department of Agriculture are suggesting that eating strawberries may help you protect your brain against ageing.  Apparently strawberries are high in polyphenols – … Continue reading

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