Fruitful Research “3”

Whilst you’re drinking down your five glasses of beetroot/apple/grape juice a day to ward off dementia (see Fruitful Research “2” dated 23 January 2011) it might be an idea to add just 2 more glasses of orange juice!!

Research at the University of Auvergne in France with 24 overweight, middle-aged Frenchmen, found that after drinking orange juice for two weeks, their blood pressure reduced significantly.

High blood pressure affects one in five people in the UK, and is estimated to cause 50% of strokes and heart attacks.

WARNING!  However, previous studies suggest some fruit juices can reduce the effectiveness of some drugs, so talk to your doctor before consuming too much juice.

I was just on my seventh glass today when I read that last sentence.  OOPS!

I wonder if they grow oranges in the Auvergne?

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2 Responses to Fruitful Research “3”

  1. the vicar says:

    Oh Dear, the frenchman with low blood pressure after drinking the ‘Juice’, I thought and believed they were great lovers??? There is not much chance for the rest of us, especially if we are ‘British’

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