“Fruitful Research”

At last some welcome research from America which is very easy to agree with.  Scientists at the Department of Agriculture are suggesting that eating strawberries may help you protect your brain against ageing.  Apparently strawberries are high in polyphenols – maybe they are all the little seeds that stick in your teeth – either way they have anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.  Blueberries have similar properties.

The research must have been fun.  Cream teas everyday in future for me !

The researchers do go on to say that beetroot, aubergines and red cabbage are also good sources of anti-oxidants, but they don’t go down so well with cream teas.

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2 Responses to “Fruitful Research”

  1. Jon Cleaver says:

    Strawberries and cream

    Ah yes. Strawberries and cream. The effect of strawberries in protecting the brain has been talked about for quite some time. But Cream, cholesterol raising, blood thickening and fattening; absolutely essential with strawberries. However; you can’t better the good old fashioned cod live oil straight from the bottle one desert spoon each morning before breakfast, rich in omega 3. Red wine of course is another source of helping the body and brain, why do you think the monks come up with this wondrous drink, known as a protector of the heart, containing the ployphenol’s, an excellent antioxidant. What a combination, cod liver oil and red wine truly making sure you are well oiled. Love the cartoon.


    Jon C

  2. vicar says:

    You are all wellcome to the Vicarage at Extracare. The American results of the research are very interesting and to a man, go nearer the heart of things (The stomach). What are spouses would say and those ladies of vintage years it is the fact of eating sharpens up the jaw line for more gossipping! It is great to talk and I am sure as this Extracare Village in Milton Keynes can prove-There is plenty of good things and people to talk about and of course chat too. See you at the dental check up for a new pair of gnashers?

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