“Fruitful Research” 6

Back in May I wrote about the virtues of carrot juice following some research from Baylor University in Texas – see “Fruitful Research” 4 dated 15th May 2011.

Here is another thing to add to your daily diet, only this time it is whole carrots.  Research at Wageningen University in Holland studied the diets of 20,000 people over ten years.  They found that an increase of 25 grammes a day of orange fruit and vegetables, lowers the risk of heart disease by 26%.  Carrots were associated with a 32% drop (the researchers didn’t mention whether Wageningen is the carrot growing capital of Holland 🙂 .

So now remember on your weekly trip to the supermarket to fill up your trolley with carrots, cowberries, acerola, chokeberries, apples, grapes, blueberries, strawberries, beetroot, oranges, tomatoes, aubergines and don’t forget the red cabbage.

You will make a lot of university researchers and fruit and vegetable farmers very happy but do be careful not to exert yourself too much by pushing that overladen supermarket trolley.  You don’t want to give yourself a heart attack!

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5 Responses to “Fruitful Research” 6

  1. all that research and reading, never mind the odd fruit cake who takes it all in. At least I can see you now I have had my daily dose of carrots.

  2. John T says:

    Eating all those “veggies” will make your nose twitch, your ears grow and you stand an excellent chance of developing an nice little bushy tail. On the other hand, if you take a daily dose of good old Texas grain fed beef, men will development an animal magnetism for the opposite sex, start being a better dancer and your brain cells will begin reproducing at a mind staggering rate. Add to this a regular mug of cold beer and life doesn’t get much better!

  3. Great post. Some great points you mention in there.

  4. http://www.flukiest.com/media?f_blog_id=264620 Thanks for that awesome posting. It saved MUCH time 🙂

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