Ever since I have been writing this blog, “pills” have been a regularly recurring theme and Pilly Galore has been a character that has featured in many of my posts.  Pills are a daily feature of many older people’s lives as we all attempt to stave off the ravages of old age.  Indeed the older you get it seems the more pills you take.

The slideshow below captures the images that I have used to illustrate this issue.

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A multi billion pound industry has grown up around the delivery of medication.  GPs spend a large part of their day giving out these pills.  The Government, through taxation, foots the bill for the majority of the cost through the issue of “free prescriptions”.

In many cases there is evidence to suggest that either the pills are not taken correctly or not needed at all.  There is also a history of research being published which is then contradicted by new research, as shown by my last two posts on Pills which can be found by clicking on “PILLS” in the TAG CLOUD.

You would have to wonder in the austere times ahead of us whether we might all benefit from taking a lot less pills.  Old people wouldn’t worry so much about whether they have taken their pills and GPs could spend much more time on promoting healthy lifestyles.  Of course the pharmaceutical industry would be devastated by this news which is why it will probably never happen!!!

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  1. wonderful hyrographics, I just wonder what I see? and try to guess how many pills and potions I am on personally??

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