“Old Paper Boys”

A rattle of the letterbox caused me to look out of the front window, only to see a smart new car parked outside our door.  Two older gentlemen were walking off in opposite directions delivering the local free newspaper to all the houses up and down the street.

I rarely look at the paper, it’s full of local adverts and pages of houses for sale.  Occasionally I use the paper to light the fire but most of the time it goes straight into the bin for recycling.

Still, somebody must read it and buy something, otherwise the advertisers wouldn’t advertise.

Meanwhile, the paper is keeping a few journalists and printers busy every week.  Also a small army of elderly delivery “boys” are getting plenty of exercise and earning some useful pin money.  The good news for older paper boys is that the dogs that used to greet them when they were young are also a little older and more friendly than they used to be.

Old Paper boys finished

We need a lot more job opportunities like this for older people.  Getting out and about with a friend, being paid to keep fit in the fresh air and having the dignity of a job in later life.

Let’s hope the internet doesn’t make them redundant.

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3 Responses to “Old Paper Boys”

  1. The concept is golden, the reality can be a bit more like slave labour? Free papers can be heavy on an allotted round, but I note your golden oldies were sharing the workload and enjoying the fresh air and freedom of doing something good for the community and earning a little pin money.
    Like all things when retired and one volunteers one must enjoy the work, the commitment and the commarderie of being in a community. But do not takes for old fools or greedy and, selfish old duffers, we reap what we sow and lead by example from the front.

  2. Jon Cleaver says:

    Volunteering too is an excellent way of keeping mentally and physically fit, while expanding the mind; creating new friends, learning new skills, helping others, thus enhancing well-being and gaining a qualification at the University of Life.
    The internet is a useful tool in the pursuit of knowledge as are books. My concern is Wikipedia etc. won’t make books redundant. That would be a sad day there is nothing so wonderful I think as to walk into the beautiful late 19th century railway station at Alnwick Northumberland now home of second hand Barter Books with scent of old books full of knowledge and learning. Long may it continue?

  3. ‘Old for new’, and other such sales patter either on the web or by the cold calls on the landline or mobile, and then there is the new fangled attitude to defeat an oldie like me, Why not succome to a direct debit and to compound the issue by’ well why not have an electronic account’ and save on paper?
    It is all so simple everything at the touch of a button in ones own home! What could be easier?
    I recently tusselled with BT and that organisations procedures and programmes on their web site. I found the web site wonderful, full of sales gimmickery and patter, but for this oldie locating how I understood, or wish to understand my problem, a complete nightmare.
    I am rather ancient in my ideas and I wish for and like to follow up any agreement with paperwork, so I can at leisure reflect on what I am trying to negotiate.
    The Modern way of telephone conversations with a sales team, and then some slip of paper saying ‘welcome- the costs are XXX, thank you for your direct debit, with a cool off period of some 28 days. For one I cannot prove what was said or the finer points agreed to over the phone, and then, to have to negotiate a web site which is full of ‘pop ups’ and other distractions I find frustrating.
    This modern world is moving so fast and computers and their soft wear now have sell by and use by dates, its like going into a greengrocers and buying banana’s they have a shelf life of some 4/5 years, or even sooner!
    I am a grumbling old oldie: however to have ones computer, printer, consigned to the recycle bin frustrates me, and the technology becomes more touch sensitive and dexterious, the newer or later it is?, and I am getting more fumblly, slower and my reaction times are not what they were even since last year. We oldies are wanted for our monies, and that’s about it? There is no long lasting cure of how to access the web, or compete with telephonic and web based sales..

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