“Same Old, Same Old 1”

My blog posts have thinned out in the last few months because it is hard to think of new things to say about the same old issues.  It seems like no-one is listening, or if they do hear, perhaps no-one cares. Here are some examples of recurring headlines:-

“Stop rushed visits to sick and elderly, carers told”

Times, 5th March 2015

This is a commentary about domiciliary care which 470,000 people in England receive, via funding through social services.

Domiciliary care was the bridge between hospital and home.  A way, with early intervention, of preventing people going into hospital unnecessarily.  Equally important a way of enabling people to be discharged quickly from acute hospital care and still receive some support.

Over the last 10 years, this service has quietly been withdrawn due to the twin pressures placed on the service by increasing numbers of older people and austerity measures.

It started with domiciliary support being limited to ‘critical and substantial’ cases.  Thereafter, visits were frequently reduced to 15 minute time slots – now in some cases that has become 5 minute visits!  Between April 2010 and March 2013, funding for social care fell by 8%.

Funding is reduced, hospital admissions rise and beds are blocked by patients who cannot return home without support.  Meanwhile other Government funded organisations charged with looking after the quality of care for older people, give a chorus of impotent advice:-

  • The Care Quality Commission, Chief Inspector of Adult Social Care, points out the obvious – “choosing between a bath and breakfast because staff dont have enough time, is not safe caring”.
  • The National Institute for Health Care Excellent issued new guidance suggesting home help calls last at least half and hour.
  • The Watchdog Healthwatch England says it will challenge Local Authorities who do not meet the new benchmark (of half hour visits).

Care in the community is rapidly becoming:

ManSmilew-BIGboard Cropped 168

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1 Response to “Same Old, Same Old 1”

  1. New ideas but old fools!! How about thinking of our political system, leaders and parties as ships, of the line and who or whom would you nominate to be such treasures?
    A galloan in full sail old ideas or new ideas a bit wide in the beam and full of wind? or a clipper sleek and sophisticated Speed and direction are all the image, and less likely to be blowing around in the wind: Or an Old tramp steamer carrying all sorts of cargoes and exporting all sorts of ideas with no one particular destination: Or again a sleek ocean liner or cruise liner with some many personalities on board they cannot elect of conform to the captains commands: Or a fishing trawler deep in the water high speed when free running but a drag when it has to trawl its nets full of baggage and yesterdays thoughts? That leaves us with an aircraft carrier so majestic and full of ideas it need an escort to carry out its duties (A coalition government here comes to mind), no individual strengths but collectively very formidable, and then the is the Tug busying itself and fusing around everyone who visits there port or convention of ideas.
    Who or what you call ones political leaders and parties in terms of ships of the line? There is definitely no grandeous battleship? or is there If so are they outdated?? Answers on a post card to the usual address please.

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