Breakfast Exercise “3”

Breakfast is supposed to set you up for the day but not always in the way you intend.  See my earlier posts on Breakfast Exercise and you will see what I mean (Breakfast Exercise – 6.9.10 and Breakfast Exercise “2” – 21.11.10)

Today I have something new to try – Actimel – a liquid yoghurt made by Danone.  Even better for my New Year’s return to fitness, I could win one of “50,000 Winter Days Out” – skating, skiing and more.  Wow what a start to the year!

By this time next year, I could be the next Torvill and Dean – or at least one of them?  Mind you, at 60 plus, those double solkers and triple axles could be a bit of a challenge, especially when I have never been skating before.

Maybe I am getting a bit carried away here, I first have to face my more usual twin challenge of packaging and small print.  The individual yoghurt pots come locked together in an ingenious pack of 8.  Only problem is you have to be equally ingenious to unlock them.  So after much pushing and pulling and then some ripping and tearing – and b****y swearing, I now have my one pot daily amount in my hand and 7 more on the floor.  Fortunately not broken, 6 just scattered about and 1 under the washing machine.  Still, all the bending and stretching will help me later with my triple toe loops.

The foil cover on the plastic container is the same as all other yoghurt pots – difficult to open in one go.  They must be especially designed for messy openings and sticky-licky fingers.  Still the liquid yoghurt is nice enough, I am just one swig away from my TV appearance with Jayne and Chris on “Dancing on Ice”.

All I have to do is reassemble the jigsaw of a ripped up cardboard package so that I can read the instructions on the back.  Nothing is going to stop me now, I am already prepared with my magnifying glass for the small print challenge.  I can see straight away that as they say on the box, this is “my chance to get the most out of winter”.  I just need to enter my unique code on the Actimel website to know “instantly if I have won.  My unique 16 digit code – no chance of a mistake there then?

I am almost beginning to imagine myself hoisting Jayne Torvill over my head in an aeroplane spin when my magnifying glass reveals in even smaller print the lawyers Terms and Conditions – only 19 of them!  Hold on Jayne I’ll be back in a minute:-

1.      Live in GB and over 18

2.      Closing date end of February

Not much time for practice then!

3.      Pay your own travel costs

Just hope it’s not in Helsinki!

4.      If you have health problems

If?  Now I have to pay for a medical.  Still think of the glory and Jayne!

5.      Prizes subject to alteration

I hope I don’t get climbing Everest instead!

6.      Must enter your personal details

Junk mail to follow!

7.      Applications before 24.1.2011

That’s sneaky – even less time to practice!

8.      Enter your unique code again

Good job it is only 16 digits!

9.      Retain your till receipt

What?  I’ll have to go to the rubbish tip!

10.    Prizes can’t be transferred

Might be stuck with Jayne.  Oh Well!

11.    Prizes randomly allocated

I might get Chris!

12.    Only one entry per day

Just when I had mastered that 16 digit code!

13.    Subject to verification

A lie detector test perhaps?

14.    Must participate in publicity

Me and Jayne on the winners’ podium!

15.    Winner’s name published

Crowds outside the door then!

16.    Promoter can offer alternative prizes

No thanks, I have set my mind on Jayne!

17.    Except for death, promoter accepts no liability

I didn’t realise it was that dangerous!

18.    Enter and you accept these terms

Bring your own lawyer!

19.    Send S.A.E. for winners list

Maybe we could form a club!

20.    Promoter’s decision is final

No audience phone-in vote then?


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4 Responses to Breakfast Exercise “3”

  1. the Vicar says:

    Dream on boy, dream on? You have made 64, what is the next target you ‘Dream Babe’.

    • John Graham says:

      Dreaming is an important part of growing old don’t you think Vicar ?

      An interesting programme on BBC2 tonight about older people and younger people working together ( like me & Jayne 🙂 )
      Oh and it is set in a retirement village which is something the BBc does particularly well don’t you think ? Tell all your friends to watch.

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