LLLP Brexit Negotiations on Small Print

The Brexit negotiations continue to move along with the help of the  Last Laugh Looney Party.      This is my weekly leak, oops sorry, Cabinet communication on the excellent progress our leader Mrs Tezz is making.      Fortunately, the concessions that were agreed by Mr. Junket on packaging mean that we can now go on to the next big issue for older people, which is SMALL PRINT.

As we said in our manifesto, we are fed up with not being able to read things anymore.   Writing is getting smaller and smaller and it is not our glasses, because we have our eyes tested at Specspenders and we are told to buy a new pair every year from them.

The smallest fonts are  normally used by lawyers for all their disclaimers and you need an electron microscope to read them.     What they disclaim is usually any responsibility for anything that was promised in adverts for their clients products?

The LLLP is proposing a complete ban use of all fonts below 14 point, which won’t leave any room for lawyerspeak.

While we are at it,  we will also ban those ticker-tape type notes that go across you TV screen, at too fast a rate for you to read.     Oh and also those super-fast speaking idiots at the end of adverts that attempt not to tell you about their excessive interest rates and that “terms and conditions” apply.


You can see an earlier rage about small print and glasses by clicking on the following link:


I’m sure this won’t be the last time I write about small print.  But the ban introduced by the LLLP will certainly see me voting for them in the next election.  I just hope the voting form is in

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1 Response to LLLP Brexit Negotiations on Small Print

  1. davidwfreeman237 says:

    Well, how exciting to read the link to a past master piece on small print, and that ”foggy foggy dew” [Remember the song-”Oh sir Jasper”’? and all its conitations], concerning age and what one can actually se as one grows more elderly and respectable-HOPEFULLY?
    I am drawn in my memory, and never to be seen these days to the phrase ” Now wash your Hands”, for one if you can remember it, your an old timer, and also how the paper was crinlkly and
    was no good for cleaning those glasses? [causing scratchmarks?] such as the modern quilted tissue loo rolls would suffice, to wipe clean one specticle lenes without scratching them? But hey this was in the days when men where men, and used ”IZAL” that medicated loo roll.
    Alas life is like eyesight it is failing me, but my vision to dream is still with me while I keep my marbles, all though, i keep loosing the odd marble now and again, as i become more forgetful.
    I hope the voting form is in ‘baille’ and that we have a LLLP candidate, with a sensible policy on ‘BREXIT’ and that small print? { does a brailee format have small print or do they the authorities rely on one failing sense only at any one time?}, so that at any one time are we are only permitted with officialdom only to live a life with one defect of either speech, hearing, or sight? never mind that grey matter called a brain, and with it wisdom, emotions and rational!!
    One question do we as we grow older need a trusted companion, or confidant to battle this world of small print?? Are we becoming a less tolerant society??? Answers on a postcard please!!!.

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