Tidy Bears and Clutter Glasses

After a period of remission from my cluttering dissorder I’ve now started again with the help with the Tidy Bears.   (You can see all my earlier blogs on de-cluttering by clicking on “CLUTTER” in the TAG CLOUD).

I have mentioned before that we have lots and lots of spare glasses.   Probably numbering more than 100.   Quite why I have no idea, we just seem to have accumulated them over the years.

Here are some Bear explanations :-

  • Patch thinks  ” Maybe John broke one of a set of six and didn’t want to tell MO.     So he bought another set of six.”
  • Whitey Bear said ” Why do glasses come in sets of six?  What if you have seven friends ?”  John couldn’t answer that.
  • Pyjama Bear asked “Do they have glasses for my night-time drink of Horlicks ?” MO said she didn’t, but she would buy a set of six tomorrow, because you never know when six sleepy Bears might come around.
  • Little Ted politely enquired “Why can’t we have a Teddy Bears Picnic and invite all our friends around ? Then we could have honey and orange juice in glasses, and cream and honey in glasses, and just extra honey in more glasses.  We could also have honey on toast.  Brown toast, white toast and toast with the crust cut off, all smothered in honey.  Oh and honey ice cream in tall sundae glasses.  That should use up a lot of glasses.    Then we can do it all again tomorrow !  And the day after, and the day after that!”

Looks like we haven’t got rid of any glasses afterall.

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1 Response to Tidy Bears and Clutter Glasses

  1. davidwfreeman237 says:

    nice to note the Teddies comments, with respect to the tumblers, glasses! I note only 4 of the 6 Teddies commented, I am wondering if the last two, are in La La land? or sleeping it off, having sipped and inbibed from that odd schooner, totty glass, or glass jug: of off course that wild party last inight have been with all those wine glasses??
    Is it Teddies who have the headache, or their illustrious master?
    Answers on a postcard please, and have ones ”glasses” ready to read that small print 60% or is it 80% proof, or the agile fingers to open the ‘alkaselsa” for that relief??
    I bet you Teddies never had these problems, with such revellry: after all it would only be a ‘teddy bears pinic, at PHOO CORNER, with jars of honey?

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