Do it yourself Dementia Care.

In their desperation to cope with the tsunami of dementia that is overwhelming the NHS some clinicians are resorting to consulting staff and even relatives of patients.     An interesting report of an audit by the Royal Chollege of Psychiatrists has come up with some rather obvious insights.

They interviewed 15,000 staff on NHS hospital dementia wards together with 5,000 carers.       They found that a quarter of staff said they cannot feed their patients properly.

You have to wonder if the psychiatrists have visited any of these wards at all in recent years!     If they have they must have had their eyes closed.   This is not a new situation.   Back in 2010 the Care Quality Commission reported that 300 patients die in hospital of malnutrition and many of them would have been dementia  cases.     ( See my blog written in December 2010 by clicking on ” Neglect shames Britain” in the Tag Cloud)

How many more people will have died since then ?

The psychiatrists solution is to ask relatives to come into hospital and help feed their loved one.    This is not a bad idea, but why stop at feeding?    Why not get relatives to hand out the medication?    Maybe get patients washed and dressed?    Oh and perhaps give the floors a good scrub before they leave?

Of course you would have to overcome unwelcoming staff, restrictive visiting hours and excessive parking charges first.

But it  might work.

Alternatively you could employ the right amount of staff to provide good care. Adequate nutrition is a fundamental part of health care, not an incidental add-on.

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2 Responses to Do it yourself Dementia Care.

  1. davidwfreeman237 says:

    Exasperating comments?? This is old age, and the onset of care needed for the elderly! I now wondr with respect where we are going in the Uk with regard to elderly living? are we all dependent on been ‘spoon fed’ and all at the same time?
    The concept of independent living for the elderly was I believe to be encouraged, and to some extent managed, so that as we grew older, as a partnership, or independently we would help make that independently living dream, more avaialble to the wider UK population, without molly codling and the need to ‘Spoon Fed” the masses of the older generation, literally.[is this dementia?]
    WE need a sense of proportion, as well as a political williness to help solve the problems of being elderly and maybe infirmed, or is it, as has been the case in the past, it is over to the families? But then one must look at the last few generations, when the young no longer have the work or housing at the bottom of Mum and dads street, and for the sake of survival had to literally, fly the nest, and neighbourhood. Living in the UK has and is like a movable feast, and who is right and who is wrong? We have to help one and other, and one aspect to to remain clear headed, and live an independent quality of life, so that dependancy on that ”Spoon Feed” is only for a limited time on this mortal earth, where we can as a society hopefully cope with compassion, and care.

  2. davidwfreeman237 says:

    Now I have had my ‘brekkie wheat? I pose a question or two, for you the reader?
    The blogg and earlier bloggs are challenging our thoughts, compassion, and way of living? Now reflect our older generation maybe born just before, in or after WWII [1939-45], and just think of what we have done morally as a society, never mind the industries and mass employment oportunities and industries we have decimated in the march called ‘Progress’ {It is not even akin to Buyans Pilgrims Progress?}.
    We have had flower power, love,pot, weed, homosexuallity love declared both male and female, trans sexuallity agreed and now to be highlighted in education, and off course the ”PILL”. Confused? I hope not that is what we wish as a society, and multicultural at that, with our differing beliefs in Christainity, Islam, Hinduism, Shiek, Buddism, and then many more from shall we say from fringe groups.
    These are the idealologies and faiths of the day, I am confused, and what my grand children make of the UK PLC, as a nation in this world of ours ‘beggars belief’ and if they understand it all ? ” good luck”.
    My cornerstones of beliefs that I had as a child have not gone, but this diverse world of nations such as ours are the lack of local family living cheek by jowel, have made me, or forced me to understand, compassion and human beliefs and faith in our fellow human beings, that what I belive is good and loving is common to us all, and we must fight as a society not through dogma and strict actions, but by democracty and understanding for each other, and air our differences in a political arena with a democratic outcome of concenus of views, to which must all uphold.
    My elderly generations used to say” It is a sin to grow old” You see all the faults in people and society? as I grow older I hope with this in mind I know where I wish my heart and head to be! Resting in peace and traquility? When I leave this world of ours I trust it may be a better place for the next generation, and the future generations.

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