LLLP Brexit Negotiations on Gadgets

As the Brexit negotiations continue, the Last Laugh Looney Party, continues to take a prominent lead in the discussions.  After the success they had in reaching agreement in banning packaging, they moved forward with the progressive proposals on “small print”. Once again Mr Junket thought this was a small and inconsequential issue.  But it’s certainly not a small issue for older people who are increasingly marginalised by new technology.


The GrumbleSmiles blog has been raging about the issue of new gadgets which leave old people behind.  The promise of new technology was supposed to make life easier which we are sure it does for many people.  But not for old people who can’t get to grips with it. Here are some examples highlighted in the GrumbleSmiles blog.

This blog entitled “Technology Gap” was posted in 2012 and it explains some of the frustrations older people have with using computers.



This blog was a moan about Kindles wich seemed to be all over the place in 2012. They had the potential to replace books altogether but they still had very small fonts which were not easy to read.

Technology has moved on so quickly that they have now been virtually replaced by tablets (not the aspirin variety).


In November 2012 when this blog was written, it was about the difficulty older people had using ATM cash machines and online banking.

Now we are moving towards a cashless society that won’t be easy for older people.


A year later in 2013, I decided to become a member of the younger generation and get into video games and texting.

Sadly it never happened because the video game controls were beyond me and texting was another one of those abbreviated languages I couldn’t be bothered with.


I had great hopes for digital watches which I wrote about again in 2013 in a blog called “Old Geek 2”.

That is yet another gadget that passed me by.



For Christmas in 2013, I got an MP3 player. That really moved me into the digital age! I was able to travel up and down in the train to London and not look out-of-place because I too had some earphones stuck in my ears just like everybody else.


In 2014 I blogged about iPhones.  For the younger generation, they have replaced telephone landlines and are an essential piece of everyday equipment so that they can stay in touch with everybody, every hour of everyday.

I still don’t have one and am content to be out of touch with people most hours of most days.


To read all these blogs click on “Technology Gap” in the Tag Cloud.

Most of these raging blogs are about the new technologies of personal computers and mobile phones.  But the impact of new technology spreads much further than that and dramatically changed everything from televisions to microwaves to cookers, washing machines, tumble dryers etc.  You name it and technology has transformed it with an array of buttons which previously were only found in the cockpit of Jumbo Jets.  Whilst for the younger generation this makes many things easier and more accessible.  It has had the opposite impact on many of the older generation.

The Last Laugh Looney Party has now agreed with Mr Junket of the European Union and Mrs Tezz on behalf of Britain, that all gadgets in future will be restricted to TWO BUTTON TECHNOLOGY.  If you can’t make it work with two buttons, then think again and make it simpler to operate.  This will be a radical shift in gadget design whose aim is to make everything age friendly.  Then older people will be able to use their newly released wealth to buy many more things that will be useful to them in making life easier.



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4 Responses to LLLP Brexit Negotiations on Gadgets

  1. davidwfreeman237 says:

    Go on Old man, fight the good fight! comments/remarks come later? LLLP member.

  2. davidwfreeman237 says:

    I am reminded of the ‘SALLY Army” and that phrase ”fight the good fight”. My senior manager, and loved one, some years ago before retirement had a job of work as a secretary at the OU, and worked day in day out with computers and their benifits and pitfalls. We retired on the same day, and all though I was a mere putter on of technical reports (Secretaries and typist were made redundant) one was expected to download one thoughts daily into, onto a computer and some form of daily log.
    My senior loved one instructed me never to use the computer the net for financial information, it was liable to many fruadulent and miss appropriated uses. I bowed to the advice.
    As time has marched on some 15 years, we have engaged our younger family members to fight and waylay the online stores, with our wishes. Bearing the above in mind. Now today, last week our old mobile phones became not extinct, but out of favour, our arthric fingers, and the response on the screen by touch was un reliable?? So off we went to market, with a younger member of the family in tow for guidance. A mobile phone was obtained : One for my senior loved one one for me, both identical, so we could question, bull, and help, fool each other??
    The store was a good mobile network out let, and the young men eager to tell us all, and guided by our younger family member secure the phones of our hearts desire. We have physicall engaged the store representatives over some 4 days for at least 5 hours time chatting face to face ( without rancour, but that odd smile).
    Now we have had the mobile phones for some 10 days, my senior loved one, through her ladies circle of friends, has now expressed an interest in WI-FI: the net; google, and that she may wish to purchase ”Online” Remember my opening lines of my loved one no computers or on line shopping purchasing? But now we have a desire for the new mobile phone to have all these attributes, and sufficient download capcity for various apps on wi-fi, and not by the mobile provider but via the BT landline HUB ( cheaper) which I utalise for the computer, and loe and behold if we sign with this mobile provider-‘Geronimo’ the combined ability of a landline/down loading apps and a mobile network can all be done at a reduced cost(S) Suck lemons so far, so my senior loved one is starry eyed, and I am bambozzled- the young men the more they learn the more they offer, like a spiders weaving a web, it becomes a more tangle story,and hard to understand in £”s”p. It is all tomorrow, and very little of today? I am old and cynical and must rest my weary head!

  3. davidwfreeman237 says:

    good day coober! how are you? Shattered from watching last nights TV coverage in the UK?
    One programme I did record watch was on BBC TV 2 broadcast at 20.00 hrs, was Secrets of Silicon Valley.
    I was intrigued, and The Researcher from, or sponsored by the OU into the Vally’s ‘Eutopia’, and that vision or interpretation of the future of the world, and the role of the influance and developments by those IT companies and their ideals and thinking in and the American Silicon Vally.
    I for one was amazed at the openess, of some of the social groups, and their personal thinking, in how the world should help mankind: However the growing and developing conglomerates, now and in the future, how they develope the ‘black art’ ? of total domination, in what ever business they enter, and encourage, to enhance financial reward to the few venture capitalist, who help float these conclomerate companies into world wide brands?
    Gone is that spark, of Carnegie, Rockafeller, and other inspirational industrial leaders of the 19th, and 20th century, and the benifits shared out to help develope this world and society of OURs?
    WE had the quakers (Chocolate KIngs), Titus Salts and the like in the Textile Industry who developed philenthropic belliefs within the UK. [ and then the Attlle Government after WWII and ist social ideas]: I am not so nieve as to believe the British Empire was totally philenthropic in its outlook, and pesueance of justice and fairness for all its citezens of the Empire, WE as a nation are no ‘angels’? However in our british sociey and education system, and the faith of the christain churches was the belief, and is the upheld belief, “” of do unto others as they would do unto you””?
    The world alas has not changed ‘Mamon’ is king so is cash / money and with it power, and as last nights programme wished to protray those in ‘Silicon’ Valley today, require some gentle guidance, and a more philenthropic and social out look on the world?
    I am worried, and look forward to Part 2 of this two part programmes, as I do not see the current USA President as a promoter of the underdog, only do I see him in Rhetoric, he is financially well off and he does not appear, or have a guiding hand, as to how to provide for or too the masses in USA and the world, and the secretacy and alleged developements in thought and deed in silicon valley as portrayed appear to challenge a ‘More modern domcratic free society’ based on capitalism, into a single state, dictatorship, without compassion, and only thoughts are for its founders, sponsored by these ‘Venture Capalists’? We need a more democracatic and free thinking for the good of all, and for these ideals to be challenged openly, and often.
    One black thought for the day- who or whom are the venture capitalists/ are they individuals, world citezens, or a rouge nation held bent on world domination in trade, thought and deed, and do we need to look at our neighbours, and our alleged enimies, or and our trading partners? Is President TRump and the American virtues our Saviour in this cruel world of Ours??
    Where are we the UK going with ‘BREXIT’ do we have the where with ALL TO SURVIVE IN THIS MORDERN WORLD???
    A contibution from a LOOney of the LLLP.

  4. davidwfreeman237 says:

    Think hard who will be our thought policeman in the coming days of a cashless society? who pays who plays the pipers tune, and who dances to the music, and what happens when it all stops??? Answers on a postcard please to HON SEC, the Local– Last Laugh Looney Party!!

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