Clutter Boxes or Tidy Boxes

One way of de-cluttering is emptying boxes (for that include cardboard boxes, wooden boxes, chests, ottomans, baskets, etc).  It is not really de-cluttering, in fact it is just “out of sight, out of mind” cluttering.   You put things in boxes and then you forget them for months or even years.   To the point where you don’t remember what is inside the boxes 😀

So, after my successful census of cushions, I am going to apply that same technique to boxes :-

  • In the kitchen we have 4 boxes.
  • In the lounge we have 3 more.
  • The hall has just 2, but  one is big enough to hold a jumbo jet.  Maybe I am exaggerating a bit.
  • The downstairs toilet — 5 boxes in such a small space.
  • The study is the main box repository, rather like a British Rail left luggage store.     There are 18 boxes of all shapes and sizes and nobody ever claims them back!
  • The end room has another 4, plus a walk in cupboard — which no one has been able to walk in for years 😀

Next is the upstairs :-

  • The main bedroom has 3 boxes plus an ottoman.
  • In the dressing room — Mo has only 15 boxes in there.
  • My walk in wardrobe has 10 more, carefully packed and stacked in see through plastic boxes containing my summer clothes.  Oh and there are two other boxes hidden under more clothes.
  • The main bathroom has only 1 box, — must be a mistake — I will move one from somewhere else.
  • The guest bedroom has 14 boxes plus any that guests bring with them.
  • The office even after my heroic efforts at de-cluttering has 6 boxes, and I am not counting the 8 box files I still have left.
  • The landing has another big ottoman and a set of 3 wicker baskets.
  • The small bedroom has another 6 boxes.
  • The second bathroom has 2 more wicker baskets and 2 white boxes.
  • FINALLY, the box room has so many boxes stacked on top of each other it is impossible to be sure how many there are 😟  Let’s say 10.

Now you can see the extent of our box problem. And I haven’t counted all the boxes that have been extradited from the house to the garden sheds !

I reckon that is 80 boxes in all, containing a wealth of hidden treasure !

See next week’s thrilling exploits when I begin to open them, with the help of the Tidy Bears.   In many cases, for the first time since time began.  It could be a bit like the opening of Tutankhamun’s tomb and look how well that turned out!

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1 Response to Clutter Boxes or Tidy Boxes

  1. david w freeman says:

    listen olde fellea, I am intrigued, to open all these ‘of which ever ‘pandora’s box comes first? But please no stories of a pine box with bras handles, and an opening lid? I wish eveything to be nailed down, or shrounded to be jettisoned with respect to the ”deep”? and that utter clutter to have vanished, as if by magic!!

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