SCRAP Step 31 —- Clutter Lessens

I seem to have been at this de-cluttering lark for an age.    What have I learned so far ?

FOCUS —- stay on a narrow track when you are de-cluttering.    It is all too easy to get deflected into other things that need to be de-cluttered.   Clutter is around every corner when you first start and for a long time after.   Pick very small categories.  Ties not clothes. Screwdrivers not all your tools.   Don’t watch videos of young people de-cluttering their bedrooms, they have no idea what clutter really is until they have spent a lifetime accumulating it.

SPACE —- this is an obvious statement, but the sooner you can create some space in each and every category of clutter the easier it gets.    Because you will inevitably find more of the same things stashed away in some long forgotten location.    You will also buy more things like books over time.   But, no more ties and definitely no more socks.

PATIENCE —- it can feel like hard work.      When it gets very hard work — stop, chill out with a cup of tea in the garden or enjoy a beer or if you are finished for the day use up some whiskey clutter.   Or, better still, go on a complete break and have a holiday away in somebody else’s clutter free house.

FUN —– Tidy Bears.  Introduced an element of fun into an essentially boring process.

RUTHLESS —- if you don’t want to have to re-visit a category you have to be ruthless at the outset and QUICK  so you don’t change your mind.

These are my reflections on de-cluttering to date.   I won’t learn to love it but I expect to end up with less to think about and a simpler life ……….. eventually.

Next I’ll make a start on boxes 🙂

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4 Responses to SCRAP Step 31 —- Clutter Lessens

  1. davivid w freeman says:

    You have me at every turn, and each utterance as you speak your words of wisdom, on the subject of de-cluttering!
    How ever dear john, may I speak as a dutch uncle, and ask one? what has one learnt, with all this de-cluttering??
    You, may I quote ” stay on a narrow path while de-cluttering” Where oh where is the bigger picture, and the original reasons for being on such a venture??
    There are many personal reasons I suspect, and ruthlessness does not appear to picture or rate high on your agenda? I suspect you had a few moments of home, and life’s changing pattern, and you wished to remember some of the joyous occasions, and some not so joyous but poinient to ones own life, and memories? Look around you ; what have you got? not in terms of achievement, but love and admiration from ones family, and larger family, and the friends that surround you? each litter bit of clutter is a sentiment of deep feeling, and understanding of who you are and what you are? ( I suspect the socks and ties are but tributes to these traits: socks maybe plain coloured or cotton or wool, short or long -remember that boy scout of the youth- ties various modes-kipper type, bootlace, bright coloured- you could be all sorts to everyone; the one thing i would quote at you in reaching a certain age are your nearest and dearest telling one? that one dribbles, and that a tie can only be worn once, before it is condemned to the wash basket, and that difficult job of ”ironing”?)
    The teddies bring out the kiddie in you, and remind one of an idyllic childhood , with love and warmth, from those valleys boyoho!!
    As the vicar may reiterate at the end of his sermon, life is never simple, and we are all not simple people, but a community of simpletons, waiting in ”gods” waiting room for St Peter, or father time, and the grim reaper, we must all relate to our own hearts, and ask;;” were we right? have we been just? have we been fair? and have we loved, and been loved? and again loved life for its own reasons??
    If you can de-clutter that from ones brain and memories, one is but a figment of the imagination, and a fleeting passer by!!

  2. david w freeman says:

    hey ho lad! just as you thought you were winning, some persons have thrown a spanner in the works, and gummed up you best deeds at de-cluttering?? The time now is 15:15 Tuesday April 18th, 2017 and her patronage the rt, Hon Prime Minister Teresa May has notified all official channels and I hope the ”Kilsby Gossip” centre, under the old oak tree, where one pontificates and discusses matters of state, and then off course published a notification of HM government intentions in ”the Warwickshire Echo” about the fourth coming general election on the 8th.May 2017.
    It will be interesting to read your take on this subject, not in the political sense, but with respect to the utter clutter, of media, pamphlets, flyers, broadcasts (radio/TV) that may abound, and how you have or will attempt to de-clutter the actual physical, audio, abuse that we may suffer, and the psychological outfall that we may have to decide upon, clearing the mind and brain for an altruistic outcome! Never mind the donkeys with coloured ribbons around their neck, giving rides full of promise at the public venues, that will obviously occur?
    Good wishes and best endeavours to your de-cluttering.

  3. david w freeman says:

    was the date 8th june 2017,

  4. david w freeman says:

    I expect a response from the ”thunderer” or the king upon his throne?[the thunder box], as he may contemplate the future of UKplc, and the older generation.
    What is next?? dear sir?? I am bemused, but yet yet Gaah gahha!!

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