The Tidy Bears are back

Throughout June and July in the midst of all the political election shenanigans, my tidying up took a back seat and so did the Tidy Bears, who are not at all interested in politics.    They are not particularly interested in tidying either, but they are keen on having fun.      So they have decided to start looking in drawers, cupboards and sheds to see what more they can tidy.










Their last bear tidying escapade was sorting out all the spare toilet rolls around the house.   All the surplus rolls are now tidied away in a basket out of sight and we shouldn’t need to buy anymore until 2026, unless we have an outbreak of bear dysentery.

Mo did feel the need to rescue at least one reserve toilet roll for every bathroom/loo.      But after training by a butler when we were on a Queen Elizabeth cruise years ago, she was able to decorate them with paper folded roses and decorative fans.        Holly Bear thought this was a great improvement.


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4 Responses to The Tidy Bears are back

  1. well come back you naughty but nice teddies.

  2. davidwfreeman237 says:

    by the way, you teddies remind me of my youth and childhood, and those precious pennies I saved in my Post Office savings book-all those years ago.
    Now I am ancient past the post, over the hill, and my assets are gently but truly eroding. I received recently form my friendly ‘allegedly” building society that a fixed term bond was due to mature So far so good: however the enclosed ‘bumf’ information was anything but riveting? To reinvest the sum was was offered the alleged market rates, and in my youth I would have said I am paying the banks/financial industry to hold my assets without them offering a service? I was astounded. I went to the web/net and input a request for financial returns from the high street, but alas they are all ‘shylocks’? and too boot those with a few more interest points to offer, offer no security of a return..
    This government and modern day thinking have a long way to go if they wish us all to be in debt up to our ears, and then they fleece us of what security we do have??
    Are us oldies a commodity of cash to be stripped naked and then thrashed, and our estates and savings emptied into the government coffers?? How can I logically provide or help to be self sufficient in old in old age.

  3. davidwfreeman237 says:

    it is elevenses! time to gently reflect on life, and all those memories of teddies, and time at home with Mum and dad and my sisters, and later in adult life in the ‘big smoke’?
    Within the next few days I am going with my sisters (Mum and dad are in Heaven), we are having a memory visit to Wensleydale, around Hawes, where I with mum and my oldest sister was evacuated form Liverpool in 1944-48. I went back with Mum and dad as a youngster and visited the old friends they had made{now most proberbly gone?}. They did not have mains electricity until 1951. BEFORE THEN IT WAS CANDLE AND OIL LAMPS/STOVES for cooking.
    It will be very interesting and reassuring that we wonder at the vista of the dale, and the beauty of the country side around Bainbridge/Hawes and Gale, and look in at the local village halls to see a collection of memorbilla put together for the winter of 1947.
    Dad was stationed with the army in nearby Bramton training for D Day Plus with the tank regiment.
    I may have visited the said tank range during my working life time, as British Gas had a research station with a complete offshore gas and oil platform set up to look at the effects on the structure, and the personnel quarters of a major gas explosion, and resultant fires.
    Another memory I have as an adult is during my working life in London [By Fenchurch Street Station-Pepys street] was of speakers corner on tower hill during a dinner break, and the great and the good preaching on the facts of life and god! Lord Soper?[I think that is the name-head of the Methodist Church in the late 70&80’s] used to talk to the hecklers and us rabble as bystanders as non believers with reasoned christain beliefs. A pleasent Change to the Belivers of the great Jahover who often spouted to the crowd with the said bible at hand.
    Or there was that odd LOONey who may have spouted upon the politics of the Day [Ian Smith and Rhodesia etc and appartite in South Africa.
    As I ramble on there is no reason or logic just a few memories while I partake of my morning coffee.

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