LLLP Brexit Negotiations

Now that the Last Laugh Looney Party is in the Cabinet we are bound by Cabinet responsibility not to divulge our confidential discussions to anyone.   However in the spirit of “Open Government”, which our Prime Miniser says she is committed to, I am sure Theresa ( or Tezz as she prefers to be known by her close friends ), won’t mind if I give you a hint of how our negotiations over Brexit are going.

In fact, it is only fair to say, they are not going too well so far.  The Europeans are demanding £ billions before we even start talking and the British team are repeating Maggie Thatcher’s last message about the European Union………. “NO,NO,NO.”

Ever since we agreed to take over the bankrupt Greek islands, the LLLP got on with Mr Jean Claude Junker a lot better.   So we are trying to move forward with some of our own manifesto ideas.

Oddly enough it struck the rest of the Cabinet as strange that we should want to honour our manifesto promises.    Several of my Cabinet colleagues said “now that we are in power we should be able to move forward with all the things that were too difficult to mention before the Election.    It is only the Opposition parties that keep harping on about all the things they would have done, if only the voters had had the good sense to elect them”.

They were all especially surprised when we wanted to open the Brexit negotiations with “Packaging”.    They all felt this was far too small a detailed idea to be bothered with but accepeted if that was all the LLLP wanted to talk about, let them get on with it, while they concentrate on the bigger ideas like global trade and immigration.  Still, the E. U. were delighted because they thought it was it was a small concession to make in exchange for a few billion euros.

All 27 countries of the EU reluctantly accepted that they would no longer transport food to the UK in shrink wrapped packaging, which in the past it has enabled them to send weeks old fruit and veg across the channel as if it was picked yesterday.  Of course it was recognised that after a transition period, there would be a dramatic reduction in imported European fruit and veg.  On the positive side this would revive the British agricultural industry and significantly increase the demand for tomatoes from the Channel Islands, which is especially good news for the Island Republic.

I should be able to “leak” more of our progress with our packaging negotiations next week.

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6 Responses to LLLP Brexit Negotiations

  1. davidwfreeman237 says:

    Oh Dear the LLLP republic member of TEZZ’s inner sanctum is in danger of making sense!! Then what of the LLLP’s politics? will we /they lead a nation into revolt of sensible ideals, and wind up as the Government Spokesperson on ‘BREXIT’ or indeed the unelected Commisare to be praised for speaking the truth, and lead us ito salvation???

  2. davidwfreeman237 says:

    should we the LLLP be put into the village stocks and permit allow our august european neighbours throw all the rotten veg and fruit at us?? I wonder, are we tied by our feet to the ground, without a free thought or two???

  3. I will go to the foot of our stairs, and forgive all? All I have to do now is enter on Google the Last Laugh Looney Party and I get a hit! How wonderful!

  4. davidwfreeman237 says:

    Hey Look What I found by entering LLLP On Google, do you believe It?markjkohler.com/limited-liability-limited-partnerships-lllps-sense/
    12 Nov 2013 – A Limited Liability Limited Partnership (LLLP) is a relatively new form of doing business and frankly gets a little too much hype in my personal opinion.
    Why all the Hype?
    Frankly, I will tell you why. It’s another ridiculous opportunity for promoters of overly elaborate structures to have something to talk about and sell to the masses. These promoters time and time again are not going to be around a year later to file the tax return and explain why the LLLP has reaked havoc on the owner’s tax plan, and moreover, they will certainly be long gone when a potential lawsuit arises and they are called upon to defend the structure.
    You may ask yourself why LLLPs were even created or passed by State Legislatures as a viable and useful entity in the first place. Frankly I can’t explain why. The LP has historically been a fantastic entity for inside and outside charging order protection, in most states. Moreover, the LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) serves a fantastic entity specifically designed for licensed professionals and to be owned by S-Corporations for tax purposes. However, the LLLP just takes it one step further into the realm of absurd. I suppose if I had to guesss, I would think states that had a poor common law history of recognizing Limited Partnerships and their protection for Limited Partners, the legilatures may have wanted to take it upon themselves to implement a blatent and outright state statute to create ‘limited liability’ protection for it’s lmited partners under a bonafide law. Texas would be a good example of this when their common law for LP’s is generally weak, thus if you are in need of an LP in Texas, I would probably recognize an LLLP just for fun and enjoy some potential extra benefit.

  5. davidwfreeman237 says:

    We are even here under the LLLP Republic on Google?? My god fathers who is our leader, or leaders may I ask?

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