Oranges might slow down Dementia.

I wrote a lot about dementia the early days of this blog.    ( You can see all the posts on this subject by clicking on Dementia in the Topics List).      I rather gave up after writing about the umpteenth miracle cure that was just around the corner —- berries of every colour and size, bottles of red wine, exercise for the mind and the body.   All recommendations were carefully qualified with the need for further research.    Yet we seem to be no nearer to defeating this awful disease.

Some of the research was itself quite confusing :- “either learn Gaelic or eat garlic or do both and double you chances of improving your memory”.    Some was more compelling :- ” eat nuts or go nuts ” 😀

Meanwhile the number of sufferers is increasing dramatically as the population of older people not only grows significantly,    but also ages.    The percentage of people with dementia increases rapidly as people get older.

In 2010 there were estimated to be 35,000,000 sufferers worldwide.   In Britain there were thought to be 822,000.   The ageing of the population will turn a tidal wave into a tsunami that will overwhelm health services in the years ahead.    Researchers at University College London and Liverpool University expect the number in England to jump by 60% to 1.2 million by 2040.    In the  UK that could mean 1.9 million.

Now back to the old messages.    Researchers at Tohoku University in Japan have found that citrus fruits seem to inhibit memory loss.  Their study suggests that eating an orange a day might prevent the development of dementia.

So more oranges and more research are needed fast.



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3 Responses to Oranges might slow down Dementia.

  1. davidwfreeman237 says:

    How timely, either I watching a TV recorded programme or John ‘blogging” about ‘dementia’ and the acetic acid from the fruit of the orange-bitter sweet?
    What am I on about? Well did one watch BBC 1 TV programme, [or a later recording] as broadcast entitled
    ” GRANDDAD, DEMENTIA AND ME” broadcast BBC TV 1 @ 10.45pm [22.45hrs.]. It made intriguing viewing! My synopsis what what is worth, that the ‘UPSHOT’ of dementia, is witnessed by the younger generations, and family members: However understanding the feelings and emotional upset of the older members of the family with dementia, may not be fully appriciated, by those of slightly younger years than 60 years of age-say??
    The programme related to an elderly couple in their late 70’s who had had 50 years of happy marriage, and a working life, sufficient to provide comfort in old age. The couple had a rambling house in the Uk and a holiday home in Cyprus. What was noted was that the elderly couple were becoming frustrated within their own company at home and abroad, and the younger family members become concerned for their well being with each other and their personal relationship with regard to mental and maybe possible physical abuse.
    the alleged aggresive party [the husband] was by the programme alleged to have serious mental problems, or the onset of ‘DEMENTIA’? no clinical asseement tests or dianoisis was offered, to the apparent family or the programme viewer.
    During the run of the 60 minutes of the programme the family [younger members were so concerned they advocated; firstly
    seperation physically of the husband and wife, then when the husband[grandfather] becoame more aggitated, with the agreement-relutantly of the wife [grandma] to seek a nursing/care home for the husband. secondly
    this failed the husband did not settle into a nursing home environment, and was later due to his actions, thirdly
    sectioned under the mental health act, and placed in a retreat and secure unit, where his physical movements were with respect to freedom to roam where severely controlled. then fourthly one of the next member of the family ( a daughter) made provision to have the grandma stay living in the rambling family house, and the granddad living with her [the daughter]. fithly, the family during this time had a conflab-get together; They guided/advised the grandma to move out of the families rambling house,and downsize, which she did to a’RETIREMENT VILLAGE LIVING CONCEPT for the over 55’s.
    The granddad was still living with the daughter and unaware of the sale of the rambling family house/ He was still unsettled and alleged to have ‘DEMENTIA’; now the sixth bit of the story/programme.:
    While the wife/grandma found a new lease of life in her retirement village, she became reflective, and to some extent against family wishes, wished to have her husband [granddad ] living back home with her. Grandma felt secure and safe in her retirement village, and beleived the one she loved, and missed Granddad should share in her life and security of life. This was acheived .
    The closing minutes of the programme were of an elderly couple enjoying once agian life together in secure surroundings with a group of like minded neighbourd and friends, and lots of social and phyical past times to enjoy while they passed their last golden years together. For how long does it matter he is 79 and she 81?long may they enjoy life.
    This to my personal outlook is a revealing and yet in a way a sad story, with a happy ending! One has when one retires to look hard into the future with ones wife/partner and family, and gaze at the ‘crystal ball ‘ of life and wonder, what do we or I want out of old age?
    One has to talk amongst the family, but most of all with ones partner/spouse/wife, at say 60 years of age,and then listen to ones own older generations of the past family, remembering what they said to me! the young are great,family are great! However it us the ‘oldies” who have been through lifes doors, it is comforting to talk to like minds who have experienced the sorry’s and joys of living a long life’?
    I ask again maybe for the first time? What is ‘demetia’ a sore of less than 21 in a psychological cognitave test?, or a progressive falling score? Answers on a postcard Please. addressed to me David.

  2. davidwfreeman237 says:

    The programm was broadcast on tuesday 11 JUly 2017

  3. did you get it, the grand dad and grandma were at the end of the programme both living happily in a ”retirement village”
    It is for some of us an great release, and a very enjoyable and happy solution to living ones golden years of life.
    Secure, safe, entertained , and some one to talk too or at, plus a few ”wakes” to compare the Ham and seedy cake spread.

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