Dementia won’t go away !

Dementia is definitely one of the diseases of the day.   If not the disease of the day.   This is not so much dementia week, as the dementia era.

It is an illness which nobody really understands and for which there is no known cure.    Nobody wants to talk about it.   It is the elephant in the room in the heads of many older people as they get older.   Out of sight but in the mind.

Forget something, forget anything and you have taken a first step down a very slippery slope.   You will probably diagnose yourself long before anyone else.      Although almost everyone else suspects, once you have passed the age of sixty.   Memory lapses that would have gone unnoticed in earlier years, now are evidence of your imminent decline.

Except, they may not be and the world may be writing you off too soon.

There is a lot of confusion about confusion.    I have been writing about dementia ever since I started this blog.    (You can see all my earlier posts on this subject by clicking on Dementia in the Topics list.)

Now for the good news for forgetful older people.   Headlines on the front page of The Times on Tuesday4th July 2017 :-

“Forget about memory lapses: they’re good for your brain”

This is a report about  research at the University of Toronto, about neuronal transience.  With a name like that it is little wonder that so many people haven’t heard of it.   Still it is very important.    Apparently, and I quote from the report ” We think an important part of being intelligent is about forgetting the details of past experience”

That explains everything, I am not going nuts at all, I am just super- intelligent, along with lots of other older people 😀


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1 Response to Dementia won’t go away !

  1. davidwfreeman237 says:

    First of all I have collected my thoughts and scan read what I can from the web on Dr. John Peever’s research: Going back to the original synopsis of the scientific paper. [ The ‘Thunderer’ Times required me to subscribe to their Electronic paper, with god knows what caveats, but a ‘Yes’ No thank you- not being available, so I can now expect a profuse amount of electronic bumf?]
    Dementia, a disease of the day with a slight whiff of a smell? Not I sir it is not I but you has brain farted (metaphorically)? Elephants I see no elephant or elephants in my room, are they in my head No they live in Africa- with big ears- or Asia with petite ears and good manners as beasts of burden.
    At the age of 75, I may press the buttons on my number one MN uniform (with all its Pips and gold braid) at say 55 years of age. I am/was then in decline, and demented, I joined the Extracare Charitable Trust Retirement Village in Milton Keynes at the age of 65, with others of a like mind, who chose to live out their last golden years in the concept and as proposed retirement village.
    There were many a good idea and well thought out rational initially for us all to get along, and rub through life’s rich pattern side by side! One of the more interesting tasks/proposals [which was entirely voluntary] was for each resident to write out, not a diary but a book of life-A folder was provided. At the time certain personalities objected as it laid bare, or had the possibility of opening up ones existing life story with all the personal and private twists and turns of one’s own life. However one looks at it? The concept at the time was to make available to the Extra care support staff, when one became ‘’GAAH GAAH’’ a reference document/folder, so when one disappeared into the land of memories, childhood, adulthood, families the attending Extra care support staff could gentle guide and respond to the/that resident with words of comfort/wisdom or actions to allay any fears that that resident may feel at that time. This system/book of life [I still have mine] has been superseded by our golden years together as a community: Our Fred’s and Shelia’s lives though social occasions and general chitter chatter have become to each of us a person secret [shared by us all no doubt?]. Where for instance would one have a resident male or female, married/partnership or otherwise inform one quite informally, that they are attending the ‘Hospice’ with respect for a terminal condition, or they have been sent home to ‘die’ at 82 as medical science can offer no more cures or pain relief- It is all sobering, and part of growing old?
    As for dementia, well what is memory loss, who or whom has lost their marbles- the book of life was for the Extracare Organisation, as I say we as residents bumping along through life have become in reality that ‘Book of Life’ to each other. WE live in a progressive town, where employment demand on time are high, and while key Extracare staff may know some of us the rest of the staff have become transients within the 10 years that this retirement village has been in existence, so to each of us we are all important as fellow residents, and friends of the village.
    I have read or do wonder about Dr. Jon Peever’s scientific paper and its research into dreams? And associated neuronal transience. I reread and recall all this blog site ‘SMILES GRMBLES JOHN GRAHAM, it is my friend and has my utterings for the past few years, which I have and still do enjoy! It is a good morning friend of mine personally. It does not matter how one enters the site onto the web-back to front, upside down or just grumbles smiles? It all ways turns up trumps!!
    Is a blogger super intelligent? [On this site] No! is the answer it is someone who cares for those over 55 years of age, and gently reminds them that one day they will belong to that Last Laugh Looney Party sometime in the future, but as John says ‘DO NOT WORRY-one is not going nuts???’
    By the way I think John as our cabinet minister of The LLLP Republic is a most suitable title, with the Hon. Sec being held By Walter, as our diplomatic representative: Me I am the rabble- the unwashed!!!

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