I Like Money !

Piggy banks full of money.   Tins on the mantelpiece full of money.   Pockets full of change.

Having money makes you feel free.    Saving money makes you feel that you have achieved something worthwhile.

At least that is how I used to feel when I was young and innocent.   That is how I was brought up.    You only bought things when you had the money and if you didn’t have the money you saved up.     Having things ” on tick” wasn’t what we did.   But if you had to wait, you appreciated something when you finally got it.    And you really looked after it.

(See an earlier post on this subject by clicking in the Archive for August 14th 2014 —“My Little Tin”)

Not so now.   You can have what you want when you want it.    Just use a credit card.   Later you can throw it away and get another one.    Your purchase l mean, but maybe your credit card as well.    It is a good idea to have more than one.    Why not have several and the you can “max out” you credit ?

Now we come to the “cashless society”, it is just around the corner.   Waiting enticingly with a bottomless pit of endless desires.    Now you can have what you want, whenever you want it.  Or, maybe you should be more careful.     The bottomless pit might turn out to be a bear trap to fall into  bankruptcy.

Banks and credit card companies love the idea.   Spend, spend, spend.  Live now pay later. The credit card companies make their 1% on every purchase and the banks make much, much more if you fall into debt.      And they hope you will.

Big Data can monitor your every purchase and predict, promote, push and procure what you next need.    Before you even know it !    Your phone and your iPad are both double-edged swords —- your enabler and you controller.

Governments are gripped by the  notion of the cashless society as a way of ensuring that you pay them their share of the mulla.   No cash-in-hand to avoid tax, what can be wrong with that?   It is only fair!

My little tin box had a message inside.   “When you break the link between money and value it leads to a day of  reckoning.”

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2 Responses to I Like Money !

  1. davidwfreeman237 says:

    Gently it reminds me not of a ‘MONEY BOX’ but that potty piggy bank [with no stopper-out of which one could check/count ones money?], but one neds a hammer and smash to pieces that presious piggy bank, that some beloved and caring relative gave one for saving all those odd pennies-all ones dreams and hopes smashed???

  2. davidwfreeman237 says:

    Just wishful dreams!!!

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