Clutter Bears and Cleaning Materials

Way back on Step 22 of John’s de-cluttering journey he thought he had de-cluttered the clutter of  cleaning materials.    How wrong can you be?

The clutter Bears have now taken over and are going to be much more thorough than John, who misses things all the time.  The bears have moved on to emptying the many boxes around the house and have discovered a whole hidden world of even more bottles and aerosols of every Cleaning complexion.    There is obviously a lot more to Cleaning these days than bears realised.

It is a pity that the manufacturers of cleaning materials don’t co-ordinate with bathroom box makers, then perhaps the bottles and boxes would fit inside the boxes😀   This is what the bears found just by searching around properly and reading the labels :-

  • Big Ted was looking for honey when he found “Fabreeze” —-it eliminates tough odours and children —- that’s what it says on the label.  Big Ted though that was very bad.
  • Patch found several large bottles of “Thin Bleach” —- the label says it kills all known germs and just about everything else — there are nineteen warnings on the bottle!   One says ” Avoid release into into the environment”  so I guess you have to shuttle it into space.      That is going to put our refuse disposal charges up a bit.
  • Pyjama Bear discovered 2 half-empty bottles of “Dettol”, —-multi-purpos, cleans just about everything  except children. “And even bears know children need lots of cleaning”.
  • Cuddley Bear dug out some “Flash”  —- it seems to do everything dettol does —-  but it it is harmful to aquatic life and children.   So she says “Better not to buy your grandchildren a goldfish for Christmas if you use Flash”.
  • Peter Rabbit burrowed in some cupboards  and found “Mr Muscle” —- seems to do the same as all the others just made by a different manufacturer —– same unreadable small print on the bottle.   He says “There are lots more with silly names”
  • Cillet Bang —– ditto but with more power?
  • Viakal —– ditto again.
  • Sqezy Pow!  —— it is only the name that is different.
  • Whitey Bear  stumbled across something called “Power Force”  —— just like the ones all the others had found, but ” kills more than 99.9% of common bacteria within 5 minutes according to DIN EN 1040″.   Whitey says “Who is Din En? He sounds like a Chinese doctor.   He is obviously not worried about fast acting germs that can kill you in less than 5 minutes or the 0.1% that get through anyway”.

All this research  and hunting down cleaning things was boring, so  the bears decided to have a Wild West shoot out, —- which was much more fun than John was having.    We think John is not having half as much fun cleaning his third toilet.

If Bears weren’t so cynical, they would probably think that there is just one type of cleaning product and the manufacturers just pour it into different bottles.

There will be a copy of Walt Hopkins and George Simons’ book — “Seven Ways to Lighten Your Life Before You Kick the Bucket” — for the best ideas on de-cluttering.

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5 Responses to Clutter Bears and Cleaning Materials

  1. davidwfreeman237 says:

    Oh John, Oh teddies, all this cleaning, years ago in a dim past one would have only one to two or three cleaning products, soda soap, and toilet hand soap, and then’’ lux soap’’ flakes for soft toys and woollens including these teddies if they get a little dirty, through love and cuddles.
    I like the picture and the teddies poised as at the ‘’OK Corral Ranch’’ and memories of Wyatt Earp.
    The various dispensing containers and their trigger handles: who would be the last teddy standing? Reviewing the picture, and the alluded to strengthens? off the cleaning fluids, I fancy ‘’whitey bear’’ and his fluid ‘’power force’’, with his six gun dispenser, swinging from the hip! That DIN EN 40 SEEMS TO BE IMPRESSIVE.

  2. Mo Graham says:

    For someone obsessed with declutering David, John now seems to be spending an awful lot of his time cluttering up the house with bears, toilet rolls and cleaning materials! I fear he’s now well and truly retreated in to his own little world dreaming up various scenarios with the Bears. Don’t know what he’s up to or when he does it. (Must wait until I’m out of the house to set the ‘stage’ with all of this, as the first I know about it is when I read it here on his blogs!).

    I’m getting very nervous now not knowing what he’s going to come up with next. 😱

    • Dear Mo, I will leave you to your days out and John to his film studio’s? I wonder if he will reproduce ”Brief encounter” with a train set as the background – some little toy from his past? Pinewood studio’s and J Arthur Rank come to Mind! :However being a yorkshire lad I am more used to seeing Rank on the side of an industial Flour Mill In Hull, and the other Uk Ports of consequence, it is all in a dust storm ” ! True Grit” and the other horse opera’s again come to mind with all that ”Horses Pho”’, especially from my earliest days in London, and the ”Express Dairy’s” Milk man on his rounds in his horse and cart: Or has John committed a faux par and put the ”Cart before the horse”: Only you Mo can let the ”Cat Ot of the bag”? or the ”Cat amongst the pigeions.

  3. davidwfreeman237 says:

    it is 17.10 sat 08 04 2017 the start of the Grand National: Teddies do not gamble but I do and favour the horse pleasant company, as I also enjoy this site. My£00. 50p on the nose may not repay me, but being joined by the pleasant company is my enjoyment

    • davidwfreeman237 says:

      it is now 20:00 hours, I am busy wiping away the tears, even in ”pleasant company” my horse in the Grand National is still running, but only on three legs?? Another dream gone ”west”

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