Older People are CLUTTER

For weeks now I have been writing about clutter and in the meantime politicians have been assailed from all sides by concerns about the perilous situation of funding for social care for older people.  Then it occurred to me that politicians from all parties are having difficulties getting their heads round the problem of older people.  To them older people are clutter.

Here is a fictional conversation that might be heard in the Westminster corridors of power or in the pubs nearby, if only our political elite were honest enough to say what they really think.   As judged by their complete failure to address the ageing of our society.

  • Older people are cluttering up the NHS and costing us a fortune.   It is only the power of their vote that is stopping us younger politicians coming up with progressive policies to solve the country’s problems with the growing number of older people.
  • One idea would be to accelerate further restriction of health treatments for everyone over 75.  What is the point of treating them when they are going to die soon anyway?
  • We should also reintroduce Lord Falconer’s Bill on Assisted Dying. We have tried twice, perhaps this time it will be third time lucky.   Goodness knows old people need help to make the right decision.
  • Spain has been a useful deportation location for older people and criminals for the last thirty years.   But we should stop paying them ” Winter fuel allowance” , when everyone knows it is hot as hell out there.
  • What about sending thousands of  them en mass to India, just like the recent TV programme “The Real Marigold Hotel”.   What a clever idea of the Government to sponsor the making of that programme.  In fact they could turn it into a Russian style program and use the overseas aid budget for transportation for everyone over 75.   They might think they were going on holiday.
  • This could be a big style “Brexit exit”.    If lots of older people were helped to emigrate it could solve our nett immigration problem.   Who knows, they could just go over the border to an independent Scotland, where old peoples’ health and social care is free.
  • Another thought would be to ban all people over 75 from driving.   That would cut pollution, reduce car imports, speed up the remaining traffic and make better use of all the empty seats on subsidised buses.
  • We mustn’t forget to disenfranchise them before doing any of this so they can’t vote down these progressive policies.
  • Of course we will have to exempt all the members of the House of Lords from these ideas 🙂

Maybe I am being a bit cynical and very unkind to our politicians.    Perhaps they just don’t have a clue what to do ?

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2 Responses to Older People are CLUTTER

  1. What a read! some has had a swig of vinagar for elevenses. It is a pure rant? and mob rule takes over: The lunatics are in charge of of the ayslum?? It all beggars belief!
    How ever if one is cynical, and looks to the problems with some thought; then some of the considerations have a little truth? How one is reasonable about all these issues is difficult, and it requires futher comments particular to an individual issue ; so culater alligator-in a while crocodile???

  2. davivid w freeman says:

    An epistle: Dear John, before I engage brain and respond, I must confess; I live in what I believe is my ‘’Ivory Tower’’: A retirement village run and managed by the ‘’Extracare Charitable Trust of Coventry.
    As individuals, my wife, Molly and I have/had to consider on our retirement in 2002(at the ages of 60 & 58) both discharged from our employers, for recycling the questions around: What did we see our future as being, until we came to the end of life?
    We had to consider the following
    1/ our own family, and their children
    2/ our siblings and the greater family
    3/ our house/home (3 Bedroom detached, garage and a modest garden
    4/ our financial wellbeing, for the foreseeable future as a couple, and as a sole survivor
    5/ Health, wellbeing, and social associations-friendships. These were the major issues we discussed and that made us decide that in 2007 a retirement village scheme and organisation such as the ‘’Extracare Charitable Trust of Coventry was the lifestyle, with the other residents, that we wished to follow, at a financial cost and financial risk we could afford to accept.
    [A] The ‘ethos’ of the National Health Service (NHS), should remain to be to serve: And be seen to service and attend to a person’s medical/mental/dental health requirements, with centres of excellences to preserve life.
    i) The problem for the elderly is recuperation and maybe there should be more attention paid to the provision of local cottage hospital, with trained support staff?
    If the ailment in that person prevails, then maybe the state should have the rights to become legal protector for that person, and that person moved from a cottage hospital to a ‘’residential or nursing’’ home-[depending on the level of care/support required] at a personal cost to that person.
    ii) Life is sacrosanct and to be preserved, as far as is possible, at the wishes/behest at the personal wishes of that person, and not external influences (Maybe family?).
    a) Here John has stated age, and an age of 75+ in life and Lord Falconers Assisted Dying Bill. This is very emotive and if one considers that when a person has reached the ‘biblical age’ of three score years and ten: then maybe that individual, ‘’NOT’’ the state has the compassionate decision/right to end one’s life; if the quality of future life is non-existent?
    b) The emotive question here is age, and a stated age! Not a compassionate view point of health (physical/mental), which may affect or be influenced if the person is a child, a younger person, or a mature person (Middle aged): Here one rule does not suit all.
    [B] The next is European and living abroad in sunny climates during retirement, when national insurance payments are no longer levied, and the thought process is maybe that the UKplc. owes me support if my health and social standing deteriotes to such a point, that one has the right to aces the National Health and Social security for help? Here is the ‘’RUB’’? It is after care, and recuperation, or in the case of dire need residential and nursing home care accommodation, on the state; regardless of assets accumulated, while residing abroad or in Europe.
    i) One cannot for personal reasons move abroad or to Europe, unless one has considered the implications in later life? Australian authorities ask and demand some blunt, and fundamental questions to be asked with respect to wealth and health! : Maybe the UKplc. Should have such a disclaimer on emigration ‘’FROM’’ the UKplc. In the form of services and benefits, one is surrendering on leaving the UKplc.
    ii) This also applies to all foreign destinations for later life to retire too, as such the Indian Sub-Continent (Hotel Marigold), both for the white and 2nd-3rd generation, Asia persons from the Indian sub-continent. The attractions are many fold reality is another dream, and for them to maintain links/rights back to the UKplc, National health and Social welfare care services provided by the state, a questionable demand.
    iii) The Russian solution is a proposal too far; I respectfully suggest the same logic applies to all persons who are immigrants originally since WWII and the inception of the NHS and Welfare State.
    A one way ticket to a ‘Gulag’ is not on the menu or under consideration, I so move!
    [C] Scotland and to some extent Ireland remain an enigma, which one has to tread carefully, with the indigenous population. However population changes caused by ‘’Britex’’ or immigration problems: Then we must be seen to be even-handed, as we would for the population of England? If that is the way of the future policies for UKplc,
    [D] Driving at 75+ and being forced on to public transport: This has to be one example, by public bodies, and public persons (HM Queen; PM. The local Mayor; film stars; celebrities etc.), provided one is medically fit to drive safely, then one should retain the right.
    I) Public transport should provide for the general population regardless of age, with statutory provisions for wheelchairs/prams, etc. and not a single unit but multiples(Say 3 in number), and on long distances the ability to provide places and help- for less mobile passengers which are declared ‘transferable ‘ with their mobility unit.
    [E] As for the vote after 75+ we are liable to mobility, health (Mental and physical problems? And the vote will be carried by the voting UKplc majority of the population- we still should maintain our rights to vote while we can talk and discus current issues at hand, and relevance. Need we worry?
    i) Let voting remain
    ii) Welcome to the House of Lords, the arch bishops and bishops can count us out of this world, and while God counts us and welcomes into the next kingdom/realm.

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