LLLP Red Tape Crusader

BREXIT definitely isn’t going to happen very quickly, so the Last Laugh Looney Party is gearing up for the European Parliamentary Elections by preparing its Manifesto.   This is the next contribution from a GrumbleSmiles character – Red Tape Crusader.

Everyone knows that the whole European Parliamentary venture is wrapped in kilometres of red tape.   The Red Tape Crusader is determined to free Britain from all of that.   His first campaign in the European Parliament will be to make sure that everything in future is done online.   This should save a European mountain of paperwork.

All new European legislation will be published on Twitter and only allowed to be 140 characters.    Each member of the European Parliament will be allowed one Tweet a year and then only if it is approved by all 27 other members.

Every European Parliamentary country will have a veto on any proposed Tweet which changes any new regulation.   That should slow the red tape down quite a bit.

Meanwhile the Red Tape Crusader will arbitrarily cut out huge swathes of European Regulation which many European countries take no notice of anyway.

Red Tape Man says :-

“No more European regulation”




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1 Response to LLLP Red Tape Crusader

  1. Chattering1 Classes!
    Red Tape, time to keep “ones council”- Oh dear on ‘Twitter, Facebook and other social sites’ at 140 characeters at a time! I feel the world is shutting me away-into a loonatic asylum for speaking the truth? What say you??? I wish to have my cake and eat it!!!!
    We need the ‘Red Tape Crusader, to stop all this “back chat- and then gossip, on Mother Kellies doorstep? Even ifthe Irish of it- escapes me!!!
    Should we become a society only communicating by social media: who then is the ‘door keeper of sense and decorum’, and politeness,and gentleness in a common wish to talk to one and other, or should I say communicate with fellow human beings??? If one has the courage or the will to meet any opposing view persona!lly, and discuss it in a reasonable manner, face to face?? Then the Red Tape Crusader has a point, and the LLLP voters must support him in his attempt to become elected in the forhcoming elections.
    Pleaseo support your local LLLP candidate, and do not forget to send your party donations to the secretary of the LLLP at the web address above.
    PS WE Accept any donation in multiples of £20 notes, or should i say pounds sterling, and cheques made to the LAST LAUGH LOONIE PARTY, and crossed duly dated! Again in mu!tiples of 20[twenties]- Please.
    We are not greedy-: however our funds are low and we are fighting in “”all political areas”, and we may need for sanity to nominate our own Party. LLLP candidates for the forth coming UK local. elections, as we wish to impress upon. The UK VOTING public- ” That there may be and is a strong and alternative political view to the #as standard party system # that “ozzes- or leaks from the Westminster power house???
    PS. – 140 characters what would i say??? Instead of the rant above??
    Westminster is all boulderdash and spherical objects!!! Vote for the Last laugh LONNIE. Party, and pay up!!!

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