LLLP Pilly and Astroglax Manifesto

BREXIT still, obviously, definitely isn’t going to happen very quickly, so the Last Laugh Looney Party is gearing up for the European Parliamentary Elections by preparing its Manifesto.   This is the next contribution from GrumbleSmiles character – Pilly and Astroglax.

Pilly and her GP Astroglax are standing on a joint ticket for the European Parliamentary elections.    It will be the first time a couple have been elected to European Parliament but they figured they could get twice as many expenses that way.   Their expertise is “Pills” and they will campaign for people in Britain to take less pills and people in Europe to take more pills.

Pilly says :-

“A pill a day to make Europe go away”



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1 Response to LLLP Pilly and Astroglax Manifesto

  1. I am pleased to read and see that the LLLP have not lost the plot? And offer two worth while candidates on o joint ticket for the forthcoming European Elections, they derserve our most sincere consideration, even if it in spirit and pills.
    I look at the as presented characterisasions. Of pilly and gp astroglax, and my mind immediately has a life like image of BORIS, HOLDING TERSA IN HIS BOSSOM? Ploitics in Westminister, it takes the strength and determination of a lady prime minister to hold firm, and cut a way through “BREXKT”.
    I still believe we have in our leader of the LAST LAUGH LOONIE PARTY, A WORTHY and respected citezen and agent who is supporting all these LLLP CANDIDATES for the EU Elections, pleese vote, and donate monies as well as your vote,p, please!!!!
    P.S.pleas do not be suprised if we have the good will of the UK voting pubic, and sufficient monies, the Ragamuffins may agitate for LLLP Candidates for the UK local elections these forthcoming May local elections -we pay no taxes, we are in revolt until “BREXIT” is resolved. As a slogan???

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